If you unknowingly had a fake bag...

  1. Having read the thread about seeing fakes in other people's collections I was wondering - Imagine this:

    You have unknowingly bought/been given/obtained a fake Louis Vuitton bag or accessory but you think it is real (it is a good fake). You have posted a picture of it in your collection thread, in a club or created a thread to show your new purchase, someone spots that it is in fact a fake - would you want them to tell you so you can throw it away or would you rather carry it in blissful ignorance?
  2. I would rather know! :yes:
  3. I would want to know so I could destroy it.
  4. i would want to know
  5. Definitely I would want to know!:shocked: It would go SO FAST in the trash!!!
  6. I want to know because I will be so ashamed to walk in public with it. :shame:
  7. i would want to know and once i knew, i'd throw it away! luckily, i've never had to deal with this horrible realization because i don't buy anything from eBay. the risk of being scammed is just too great over there.
  8. I would want to know so I don't keep embarrassing myself, lol.
  9. My husband got a fake one from eBay unknowingly and the seller had the nerve to show up and ask him to pay for shipping and handling... of course he threw it in his face and left a neg. feedback. and reported him for listing the item with "authentic" on it!~
  10. I would want to know - but all my pieces are self bought directly from LV boutiques. Not even a gift among them that could have been a fake. So I had better be safe (lol). I'm afraid to buy even from reputable sites.
  11. I would rather know and be able to deal with it
  12. I think I would want to know and then send the fake bag directly to Louis Vuitton so they could deal with the seller...:boxing:
  13. I would want to know!!!!
  14. I'd definitely want to know. I unknowingly carried a fake accessories pochette for quite some time. (It was a gift, a decent knockoff; my friend said it was an "overstock/irregular" from the factory). I later learned that those did not exist. I promptly threw it away and bought a real one.

    That being said, she also gave me a fake Prada backpack which I loved as well. A few years later, found out it was fake, and replaced it with a real one. lol the fake held up really well, the real one broke (seams split) and I returned it after a few months.
  15. I would definitely want to know!! Luckily I never buy stuff on eBay anymore... just not worth the worry and hassle for me!