If you travel a lot...

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  1. Just read about this website http://www.3floz.com/ and if you travel a lot it might be helpful! Favorite products in 3 fl oz (airline approved size) containers so you don't have to worry about packing them or losing them, etc. Just thought I'd share!

    Also, kudos to the company that created this... until the airlines decide to change their minds again lol! I know I love my travel size Aveda products though!
  2. Great idea. Thanks for posting
  3. Thanks for posting, I generally bring full size everything and check my bag. But after quite a few lost luggage incidents I think carry on is the way for me to go, these will be super useful!
  4. NP! I was hoping it would help someone! I travel once every few months but I typically just fly to my parents house where I have a full set of everything I use... if you're a business traveler though, you typically avoid packing a lot so you don't have to check luggage - I would be all over these if that was me!