If you thought the preggers 11 year old was bad...

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  1. that`s... insane :amazed::amazed:. First period at 8 months of age??? :amazed::amazed:
  2. OMG. thats crazy.
  3. Oh. My. Goodness.
  4. goddamn, it is so sick whoever had sex with her in the first place. wonder who was the girl in russia who came close to that record?
  5. [​IMG]....and who is the pervert father of her baby?!, sicko!
  6. that's what i wanna know!
  7. oh geez!!!
  8. Wow, I'm amazed she never told who the father of her baby was. I imagine it must be someone she loves dearly. Probably her own dad or a brother or something. SICK. And so sad.
  9. w o w.
  10. Poor girl...
  11. omg! that is so sad and gross:yucky:
  12. well, medicine at times cannot figure out what is happening, n this poor girl was an example of that...
  13. That's pretty freaky. I didn't think someting like that was possible. And yeah...what a sick person to get her pregnant! imagine if it was another five year old?