If you think your Balenciaga crazy........

  1. Yep,
    Im the one who just made a post stating how unhappy I am with my new Lavender Balenciaga. :sad2: Asking everyone for their opinions on a new color and so on and so on. While doing so I have been on e-bay back and fourth really thinking, :amuse: Im probably never going to find another apple green that is 100% authentic. BAM! there it was, :nuts: just listed, and yep, I bought it!! I am defenitely Balenciaga CRAZY!!:wacko: So Christine, if you read this, know that the purchase of your bag and the pics. completely inspired me to just do it! :biggrin: Along with your phrase, "What are you waiting for?" And now the delivery wait is on. Is any one honestely this bad??:shame:
  2. So, are you going to keep your lavendar Twiggy???

    Congrats on the apple green twiggy.

    This board is a place to be bad with bags - so, congrats on your new purchase.
  3. Hi,
    my lavender bag is actually the City bag, I definetely want to sell it. And the bag I purchased is the Clasique in Apple. Let me know if you have any suggestions on selling. I was thinking e-bay.
  4. Sorry - about the bag confusion...too many balenciagas dance through my head...:nuts:

    Yes, if you cannot return your lavender city to the store then Ebay would be your best bet - the authentic bags sell quickly and lavender being a new color that is very popular you should have no problem selling it there.

    Good luck with the sale. I hope you get your apple classique quickly - looking at Cristina's pictures may help hold you over somewhat. :biggrin:
  5. i was just surfing ebay and saw that bag! now i really really really(!) want a balenciaga....hmmm

  6. O.K.,
    its your turn now. So are you going to try and find the perfect B bag too?? If so what color? Keep me poasted.;)
  7. haha, i've been droning on too everyone about a chanel classic flap but the bubblegum pink is calling out to me...there's a city AND a classique on ebay! both $999...eep!
  8. Congrats, ranskimmie! I'm glad you bought a bag you'll be happy with :biggrin: Please post photos when you get it.
  9. Congrats to skimmie!!! Another B-bag to the rescue.
  10. I only went b bag crazy when i started to look at pictures on this site. I finally broke down and ordered the black city...I had to pre buy it, so im totally impatient about waiting for it to arrive so i can pick it up! They say the shipment should come in 2-3 weeks...im hoping it'll arrive sooner rather than later.

    I got it in black....do you think that was a good option? I didnt like any of the other colors this season.

    One more thing....do you think B bags are going out of style???
  11. I think black is a really good decision. You never have to worry about it not going with any thing. I truely hope thet aren't going out of style. I love them and plan to get more in different yummy colors in the future. Congrats on you new B bag!!
  12. weeee heeeeeee, more b-bag buyers!

    i dont think balenciaga will go out of style! there are just way too may colours and styles!!!

    yeah for green apple!!!!

    i've got a black city, its great! :smile: i actually better post my pics up... hehehehe! weeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  13. Yeah I'd love one too--just not full price since wedding bills are adding up!! I'd actually like a lavender one :love: blues are my favorite, especially since I'm getting hitched I'm into the bridal blue :love: . Which style did you get, motorcycle, or twiggy? I thought I liked the motorcycle style, but now I'm confused as to which is which!
  14. My first one was the medium motorcycle, which was the lavender. Well, I sold that one cause I just wasnt diggin' the color:sick: . I absolutely loved the style and size though:biggrin: . So I just bought the apple green Classique. I fell in love :love: when I saw Christinas pics. I am suppose to get it tomorrow. I cant wait!! It is a little smaller than my original B bag. As of this moment I dont know if I really like the shape of the Twiggy, :blink: seems a little roundish to me, but within a month I'll probably change my mind:idea: . I always do. Super Good Luck to you and your upcoming wedding!! And keep me poasted if you get a new B-bag!!;)
  15. Lavender and apple green are both appealing to me. But I would love the latter for the spring and summer better. Congrats on your new B-bag, ranskimmie!