If you think you got a fake, then what?

  1. I'm not sure this is a fake yet, but, the "SKU" written in, doesn't look like a SKU but a PRICE!!!! It's this, "449.97" and the first "4" looks like a "1" and then someone with a different tip marker wrote in the "L" part to make it look like 4 instead of 1.

    Plus, I JUST looked at this bag in the stores on Thursday and this doesn't feel the same. It LOOKS the same, but doesn't feel as soft.

    I got it authenticated here first, but it doesn't feel right.

    I'm going to take this bag and compare it in the store (I'm sure they'll love that" and then if I determine it's fake (which I'm about 90% sure it is), what steps do I take next. Auction says takes no returns (eBay)... do I report to eBay first or paypal????
  2. Oh no. Post some pics so we can take another look. Sometimes the pics posted on eBay are not of the bag you get. They are also sometimes bad pics so if you want it you take a chance. I have bought a couple of bags on ebay and then wondered if they were fake. Luckily they have been authentic.
    I'd skip the ebay complaint and go right to Paypal, tho if you find it is fake. But do contact the seller first with your concerns.
  3. thanks. I just took out my JC Carolina clutch (which I have decided to just love and use) and they have the SAME everything - same lining, same purple ribbon, same feel of moleskin.... maybe it is real, but how to explain the written in SKU? And to have THREE bags in AZ of the same style ALLLLLLL with SKUs written in? Isn't that weird? And to have it look like a price tag.

    DH bought this bag at the mall, so I know the carolina clutch is authentic...
  4. Ooh tricky..:s I hope it's Real real. Goodluck!!
  5. At either Off 5th, NR and/or NMLC locations (not sure which one) for some reason, prices are being written in pockets. They are not skus but what the bag was reduced to. They all end in .97. I have seen this on several MJ and some other Choo bags. They are not counterfeit that I have seen but reduced bags. Maybe the three in AZ were consolidated there for a sale? I know someone in the Mj forum explained about how certain locations get consolidated shipments of refurbished and full line bags.

    I wouldn't worry it was fake just for the numbers in the pocket. My kasia came the same way.
  6. I was shopping at the Nordstrom Rack in Downtown Seattle last Friday. There was a rack of designer bags. I noticed that the price was written inside the lining of some of them with what looked like Sharpie marker. Perhaps the eBay seller bought these at a Rack or some other closeout? Please post pics