If you think you are a clever clog, come and answer these BASIC questions.

  1. I thought this is a small bit of brain teasing for fun, I challenge you to get these questions right. You only have to answer only 4 questions in 60 seconds. It’s very easy and no prior knowledge is required!

    Don’t be naughty by peeking at the answers at the bottom and you are not allowed more than 60 seconds! So without further ado, let’s go!

    Maths question (no calculator!): Start with 1000, add 40 then add another 1,000 and 30 and then plus 1000 and 20 with another 1000 and 10. What’s the answer?

    Second question: You overtook the runner in the second position, what is your position?

    Third question: You overtook the last runner, what is your position?

    Last question: Mary’s dad has 5 daughters. The first is called Nana, the second Nene, the third Nini, the fourth Nono. What is the fifth daughter called?

    Answer: 1) 4100, 2) second position, 3) You can’t overtake the last person!, 4) Mary.

    It’s very easy and some of you may have seen it before from forward mail but these are used to test applicants in my firm this year.

    The result? You would be surprised that less than 20% of the people (who think themselves extremely bright) applying to my investment bank got them all right!
  2. I got them all right, except for the last runner one.
  3. I got them all, except for overtaking the last runner...I don't understand that one.
  4. Oh i get it
    You can't overtake the last runner because how could you be behind them if they were last.
    Does that make sense?
  5. Yes, you're right! :P

    I gather that since there are 80 odd people that have read this thread and noone else has come up to say that she (or he) has got them all right, I guess no one has!

    At least everyone who has answered got 3 right, people were saying Nunu is the name of the fifth daughter and the adding up came 5000: don't understand how they came up with that number!
  6. OMG LOOOL .. i got 1/4 LOOOL
  7. i got them all except mary
  8. oh right.. MARYS dad... hahah i thought maru
  9. I get it now! At first I thought it was talking about baseball.....
  10. lol, I got none of them right, except for the last one :sad: :sad:
  11. I would rather not work than answer questions like that. lol
  12. ^ lol! I am (sadly) not a clever clog.
  13. I got all except the last palce one.
  14. i never claimed to be clever...and this test just proves why! :biggrin:
  15. Same as but now i get it, cool post :smile: