If you Sudoku check out these pics!

  1. I went back-to-school pen shopping with my youngest son yesterday (he and I both collect pens). I saw this one and had to have it! The store I went to has a website: www.DalysPenShop.com. I'm not sure if it is on the website but you can call them and I'm sure they would ship from the store.

    I love it!!
    Sudoku1.jpg Sudoku2.jpg
  2. i lovee sudoku, although after a few round i got dizzy & although sleeping, the images of numbers swirling around in my head :P
  3. me too!! it drives me nuts!
  4. thats so cool!
  5. ohhh...neat!
  6. I saw this for sale at Papyrus in the mall last week.... It's very cute, but I need something with a BIG ERASER. :P