If you sold a bag on ebay, would you state you tPF name in the info?

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  1. Moderators, I apologize if this is not the correct forum. Please move if necessary.

    So, ladies, would you? I would like to know if the person selling it was someone I communicated with here and would probably trust the person more. Just curious. TIA
  2. I've seen things like "member of TPF" in various eBay auctions so I currently have an auction up where I included that. I hope it's okay!
  3. it's up the seller. I usually states I'm member of tPF and only respond my ID if buyer asks.
  4. Do you think it helps to prove the authenticity of the bag with so many fakes being sold now? I guess that's the real question. I would want the buyer to know I'm not out to lie and sell a fake. So by stating the info, they would know I have nothing to hide. Does that make sence? Thanks everyone.
  5. I thought Megs and Vlad had asked us not to do this but I may be wrong. I'm sure Swanky will come sort us out.
  6. theres way too much accessibility for strangers IMO on the net as it is. I refer people to TPF but do not disclose my screen name. if someone wants to know via personal message, I'd want to know why they want to know and take it from there. There are too many wierdos out there....
  7. OH!:wtf: I had no idea. Thanks for the heads up. I would NOT want to do something that would jeapordize my ability to be a part of this forum. Do let me know if that's a no-no! :shame:

    To be clear, I'm asking that if a person sells a bag on eBay, to say "oh, I am cjj on tPF" would that make you feel better about the authenticity of the bag. Nothing else, no more info, just that. No discussing it here, no PM's, nothing. TIA
  8. also I don't think it really means too much. anyone can say they are a member and be lying about it. they can give anyones screen name too. I let my rep on E-Bay speak for itself.
  9. ^ exactly. anyone can become a member on this forum and lie...
  10. i dont do either - not sure why.
  11. I would not automatically trust someone if they said they are part of the forum but like to see sellers say go to tpf for authentication if in doubt or need more info
  12. I would mention that I am a member of TPF, but wouldn't give any further details. I feel more reassured when I see a handbag for sale owned by a member of TPF.
  13. What about this scenario, someone takes a tpf'ers board name and opens an eBay acct using say my board name, how would we know? That's a long shot, but doable just the same. I think really great feedback stats is part of the key. Even then if you leave someone less than positive such as neutral feedback, then you're asking to get slammed back. I'll admit if I see a posting on ebay and I know they are a member here, I know that bag is the real deal. One of the many great things here is the service the authenticators provide. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  14. it seems a lot of people say it nowadays so, as a buyer, i don't rely on it and i suggest you don't either. whether or not it's against the rules, i don't know -- swanky?
  15. I don't think it's against the rules...here's a recent thread on the topic:


    I've only recently started adding to my ebay listings that I'm a PF member, but I don't list my username. Then again, I use the same username for both...LOL... :push: I think it's all about personal preference as a seller. And as a buyer, it's about doing your research no matter who the seller claims to be.
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