If you sell handbags on ebay you MUST read this please!

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  1. Effective IMMEDIATELY eBay is starting to request copies of your receipts and proof your bag that youre selling is authentic!

    My eBay account was blocked from relisting a Balenciaga Wallet 2 days ago. I sent literally 17 messages/emails to eBay asking why. (still havent had a response back). The CS person I just hung up with said they will randomly PULL your listing and request proof its authentic (receipts) and proof that its in your possession. Like PayPal is now doing also.

    He said they pulled 117 listings this mornings alone.

    Feedback and Power seller status will not be reviewed. (they dont care if you have 100% positive feedback).

    They want PROOF you bought the bag, or the person who you bought it from purchased a real, authentic bag. (if youre reselling a previous ebay purchase)

    Save your receipts, request receipts from sellers and be careful how you word your auctions.

    Guaranteeing authenticity will mean NOTHING.

    They created a special department just to handle this issue.

    I was able to relist my wallet (although the buyer who wanted it initially ended up buying something else because I couldnt list it 2 days ago). ebay cost me a sale.

    Please pm me if you have questions or call ebay.
  2. wow, Ebay is just becoming too much of a hassle.
  3. Wow, thanks for the head's up! Ugh, if selling wasn't difficult enough as it is..I will definitely have to re-consider what bags I will buy on ebay now too-I always buy knowing I can re-sell later on...

    I can understand why they are doing it but it is going to be a nightmare for everyone. I do think ebay should consider feedback before pulling a listing. They expect buyers to refer to a sellers FB as a safe measure before buying..why can't they?
  4. This is going to change how I buy, too. Pre-owned BBags usually don't come with receipts.
  5. Rondafaye you are 1000% right, this will definitely have an impact on what I buy:

    *do I REALLY want it?

    *do I HAVE to have it?

    * or will I just turn around and sell it?

    I listed my wallet at 6:30am and its still not showing up...9 hours later! so I just cancelled it. I will keep my wallet.

    This will be so nice for everyones budget thats for sure!
  6. not only do they want receipts, they will NOT accept receipts with ANY info blacked out besides your credit card number. so which means, i won't be buying bags without receipts and i won't be buy bags with receipts that have names and addresses blacked out. sure does limit things now, doesn't it?
  7. I guess this means we are ALL offically on a purse ban!
  8. LOL at least my bank account won't be complaining!
  9. I have the receipts for a lot of the things I'm going to sell, but I also have two Coach bags and a Gucci that I bought in the store and couldn't provide proof of squat. I'm sure eBay would be happy if I faxed them my LV receipt because it was barely visible at the time.
  10. I wonder if they will accept authentications from MP for LV items instead of receipts. And what will they do regarding older collectibles?
  11. wow. I've been Veroed a few times and it was an awful experience. I guess Ebay will now become a place of final purchases w/no intentions of reselling.

    Is there another alternative to Ebay though?
  12. I was thinking that myself.. I have a French Co. Speedy that's like 30 years old! No chance of receipt there. Not that I want to part with it anytime soon though ;)
  13. A lot of good copies of receipts are. Don't they know THESE ARE FAKED TOO!?!?!?!?:yucky:
  14. True & I've also seen sellers picture a real receipt, (say, from NM) with a fake bag.
  15. I actually applaud them that they are at least trying to keep the counterfeits out.
    I know this may be a pain for legitimate Sellers, but hopefully it will help eradicate the thieves.
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