If you see this, PLEASE let me know!

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  1. They recently took it off the website. I doubt this will make it to an outlet, but please if you see it let me know! Its style #6232, called the gallery satchel.


    If you see it and have the outlets number I can request a transfer. Thank you so much ladies!
  2. i know there were totes of this one.
  3. Which tote? This one?

  4. yup thats the one!
  5. its a cute bag, im not a fan of siggies but it seemed to be study and a decent size. perfect for a key fob or something!
  6. I've been looking for the gallery tote as well! Do you remember how much they were selling it for? Whats your outlets number?
  7. no i dont sorry :sad: my friend bought it this weekend i forget where, shes spending 4th of july with her bf's family. i know they should the nylon ones at woodbury commons though.
  8. oh ALSO this would be retail price but bloomies and macys still have the old line, their still transitioning between coach seasons. i know i saw one a couple of weeks ago as well at maybe bloomies not too sure, ive been in a lot of stores in the past couple of weeks lol.
  9. call bloomingdales, they're having their private sale, im going monday to pick up a bag, i can check for you.
  10. i just called my friend, and she said she doesnt know where, her BF's grandmother bought it for her, so dead end on that one, she got both, she says their great. so try bloomingdales. ill ask the one in riverside for you.
  11. or look up that thread about outlets that sell siggies, you might just find one!
  12. Abandonedimages, there are several on eBay. Just run a search for "Coach gallery satchel". Good luck!
  13. LOL thanks for helping aarti! I'm trying to avoid paying retail though. Let me know if you see any that are discounted.

    ggk84, I've been looking on eBay all day for it :shame: I'm watching like 3 of them already LOL Two black ones and a khaki one. Bad thing is theyre already bidding nearly over my budget and theres still a long time before the auction ends :sad:
  14. Ouch, good luck with that. Keep an eye on eBay and try bidding if you find one that ends in the middle of the week, preferably at some awkward time. I sometimes find that prices are higher during the week-ends when people are watching more closely...
  15. ^ Will do. I'm so unfamiliar with eBay, and I'm also very paranoid someones going to dupe me :Push:
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