If You See Something Would You Say Something ?

  1. If you saw someone shoplifting would you say something ?

    or are you the type of person not to get involved ?
  2. I would stare bullets at the person and make them feel uncomfortable...I would probably say something.
  3. I would probably say something, mostly because when shoplifting happens, the honest shoppers have to eat those costs (lost of inventory).
  4. If i were to see someone shop liftingI would probably just stare at them,and leave. I wouldnt get involved,because I would be scared to.
  5. You ask the most interesting questions.

    Yes, I would. When people get away with shoplifting we pay for it through higher prices.
  6. I would say to an assistant, so they could get a security guard. I think if you let the person get away with shoplifting then you are just as bad as them!
  7. Not only would I not say anything-- I would get as far away from that person as I could. Being a person of color- I believe suspicion would fall on me-
  8. I have and will always say something. Typically, I'll walk up to an SA and say, "You should keep an eye on the two men near that rack." I worked at Abercrombie for 2 years and can usually pick out a shoplifter when I'm in the mall. You'd be amazed at the techniques they use (the most popular one is large shopping bags lined with aluminum foil and layers of duct tape!).

    On one of my shifts, shoplifters managed to steal an entire table of jeans! It happened in a blink of an eye, and we lost 30+ pairs of jeans. And people wonder why clothing prices are on the rise. Stores have to make up the money somehow. The store I worked at had a 17% shrinkaage rate. That means for every 100 items sold, 17 were shoplifted!
  9. I've only ever witnessed someone shoplifting once. I thought it was suspicious that a woman peeled something off the bottom of a shoe. (Both shoes were on display.) I watched her from around a corner, and she put the shoes in her bag! I was so shocked, and I instinctively yelled out, "HEY!"

    She quickly pulled the shoes out of her bag, and I told the nearest SA to watch her. (They thanked me.)

    Then I was scared! I worried that woman might come after me, or have other people come after me. I got out of the mall really quickly! Silly, maybe....

    I don't regret stopping that woman from stealing, though!!!
  10. I'd TOTALLY narc!!!!!!!!
    If I'm not getting goods for free, ain't NOBODY getting them for free either! LOL!
    At least not while I'm watching!
  11. i wouldn't quite say something but i would make it obvious to the person shoplifting that i knew what they were up to
  12. Well said!! I agree and would do the same!
  13. Yes, I would. And I have.

    A couple weeks ago I was in the cosmetics section and a SA was helping me pick out a fragrance for my bf. I saw a man behind her pocket two bottles while she was focused on me, so I discreetly told her what I saw. She thanked me and paged security. When the guy tried to walk out the door calmly 1/2 later, security nabbed him from both sides
  14. One time I was shopping with a friend at Anne Taylors, and we saw this lady stuff a shirt in her bag and she was with a guy. We said something to one of the guys who was working at the time that they took a shirt, but he said because there is no security, they are not allowed to stop them from stealing.

    Anyway, they saw us and could tell we said something - they gave us the evil eye. It became kinda scary because they actually followed us out the store, as well as a few city blocks. We finally ditched them, but it was just a weird experience
  15. My friend and I had a bad experience so I don't. I saw a girl stealing toys and told my friend who was working there and she got the manager who found the mom. The girl and mom were black and acted like we singled out her for being black! After that, I've just learned to not get involved. The best is, they let her keep the stuff for threating to go to the local papers and saw the store was racist.