If you see an Oak Roxy in the outlets....

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  1. can you please PM me?

    I've been using my black roxy over the past couple of days and had forgotten how much I enjoy using my roxy. I saw an oak one when I was out on Friday evening and it really made me miss the oak one I had.

    I'm glad I rehomed my last oak roxy as it was a bit more aged than I felt comfortable with. I love the look of my black NVT Roxy so have realised that I would be better off with a new or almost new Oak Roxy.

    If anyone sees one at the outlets can they please let me know. I know they do come in now and again as when I bought my black one from the outlet they also had oak ones.

    Oak Roxy
    Bright coloured Bayswater
    Something in ginger
  2. If I see an Oak Roxy at an outlet I will PM you, after I have recovered from fainting!!!! hahahaha - an Oak Roxy at outlet would be a very rare thing indeed, you would need to be very quick!

    Good luck on your quest!
  3. thanks Ali, when I bought my black one from the outlet there were a few oak ones and I remember they lasted a couple of days....I guess that only happens once in a blue moon.
  4. Blimey, I thought I was lucky getting my Choc at outlet - Oak ones I never thought I'd see!
  5. How often did you have sellers remourse Tiree?! In future, better think twice before selling a nice bag or ask us for permission first!:amuse:
  6. ^^ lots, but sometimes the only way to try out a new bag is to sell one first.
  7. tiree, mulberry mad has some nice oak roxys up on ebay..ones a little battered but the other looks in pretty good condition..xx
  8. Thanks Sam but the nice one has gone.

    Off to glasgow, will try on an oak roxy again to make sure I really want another one.
  9. remember we are off the SM next tuesday for the meet so if i see something i let u know xxx
  10. Thanks snowshoe. Just tried one on in mulberry and loved it all over again.

    Was also tempted by the purple coated canvas roxy but know that's more of a seasonal roxy.