if you say a purple reissue...

  1. on eBay, how much would you be willing to pay for it?! I'm afraid that my position on the waiting list won't do me any good. If I do find one on eBay how much do you girls think is reasonable? btw should i go with the dark navy or purple met? and do you girls know if these measurements (21x28x11) the 226 or 227? and is (17x28x8.5) the 226 or 227? THANKS!!! :nuts:
  2. Hmm. This might just be me, but I would expect to pay at least 15% over retail on a highly sought-after waitlist item from eBay. If sellers have to cover sales tax, ebay fees and paypal fees, even 15% over retail won't really cut them much profit.
  3. ^ from the old threads about reissue dimensions, the 226 is 11 inches x 8 inches x 2.5 inches which roughly translates to 28 cm x 20 cm x 6.5 cm? whereabouts are you waitlisted on? i think if you're looking for the smaller sizes - 225 or 226, chances should be better than the 227. :yes:
  4. thank you so much zerodross! it helps a lot!!!

    and banana, i think i agree, if i had to pay over a 1k more its probably not reasonable huh
  5. sad:crybaby:S'pore didn't bring in the purple reissue

    SA told me that they only have 1 size for the navy reissue, the size is roughly around 28cm. Is this size 227?

    I'm only 159cm. Will this size too big for me?
  6. if it's a 227 then it's roughly the same size as a jumbo classic flap, C... so i don't know, it might be a little big (it depends on whether you like it to look oversized). but i think 28cm is the 226 size? I remember calling paris up and the SA there told me 28cm and quoted me the price and I knew the price matched the 226 size. :yes: so you might still want to reserve/waitlist the navy.

    p/s dropped you a PM.
  7. Thank you so much zerodross!!:love:
  8. If a bag is in demand, I guess a seller could charge what they wanted? I don't have kids but every Xmas isn't there some crazy game that comes out where parents spend $10,000 on a $200 item just so their kid can have the "latest and greatest" before anyone else?!

    I'm already seeing reissues on ebay at least $700 over retail. The demand is going to be so high on these I think it will really drive prices up. Supply and demand....that's what sets prices.

    I bought my first Chanel on sale in November at Saks...it was 30% off retail of $1650 because it was an '06 bag. I've since seen the bag for a "reasonable" $1495 on ebay but it's also out there for $2,995! No one has bought it, but someone is charging that amount.

    I guess everyone will have their own "limit" of how much they will spend on a bag....Limited reissues? One-of-a-kind bags? I would think the prices could go sky-high on those.

    I haven't been buying Chanel all that long and I usually don't shop on ebay so I don't know what history shows for these types of sales.
  9. You may want to check Chanel in Vegas at the Bellagio. They had one that they showed me that was on hold for someone this past weekend, but they hadn't picked it up yet. It wasn't what I was looking for, but you never know people waitlist all the time at several locations. I think it's worth a call! Hirshleifers in Manhassett said earlier today that they had all colors, but brown.
  10. Funny...I turned down a 227 metallic purple today...:s
  11. LOL! I am pretty sure this was mine. :shame: I did get in to get it, though!
  12. I was told that the 32 cm reissue is closest to the 227 and jumbo at 31 cm. The largest size in the reissue is 35 cm, equivalent to the 228.

    Congrats - it is gorgeous !!