If you rescue or adopt..how do you pick birthdays?

  1. Seeing Wordbox's Ginger enjoy her birthday make me think...I have 2 rescues, one from June 06 and one Aug 06. The vet thinks they are both around 7, but how should I go about choosing a birthday so we can have a celebration?:confused1:
  2. We celebrate the "Gotcha" Day...the day we adopted them:yes:
  3. Mine are all adopted and I have a general month where we figure this is the month they got a year older... but we don't really celebrate... I'm not sure what else I could do to make my kitties feel even more special! They are seriously spoiled every day!

  4. I love that idea!:tup:
  5. I pick holidays that are close to the estimated time of birth. For example when I got Madame Fifi she was approx. 12 weeks old, so I just counted backwards 3 months, which put me in February, so I decided she had been born on Valentines' Day.

    I do know that Cosmo and Clarence were born on the 4th of July because I got them from a friend.
  6. thats what we do too....
    we celebrate it every year with special occasion goodies...
  7. I do the same thing!;)
  8. With Kasey she was a shelter dog and they said she was 8 weeks old so I just counted back 8 weeks from the date I got her.
  9. We weren't sure what day our dog was born, but we knew it was in January sometime - so we made it the same day as my grandmother's birthday - Jan 23!
  10. I don't do a specific b/d celebration for either of them, though I know the estimate of Eclair's bd (my rescued Chi). One would get more spoiled on one day than the other, so once a month or so I'll take them both out for tons of new toys, treats, etc.
  11. I had the same dilemma. My Daisy is a rescue from VA (I am in PA) and she was around 12 weeks when we got her. So I counted back and she was probably born in April. We decided to pick the 20th because that was my grandmom's Bday.
  12. I adopted my kitten the first week of December and she was 2 months old. I figured she was born around the first week of October, and since my birthday is in the first week of October, we're going to celebrate our birthdays together. She'll be turning 1 and I'll be 23!
  13. I also use the day we adopted.
  14. One of my dogs, Casey, was a rescue and they said his birthday was Jan. 1. I've always assumed they just made that up, but it seems as good a date as any. As for my two cats, I say sometime in Sept. They aren't too picky about it, so whatever day we're all able to wish them well works out. My other two doggies came with papers so we're certain.
  15. Reggie and I just celebrated his 5th Adoption Birthday over the weekend (mini trip to Maine) - His actual Birthday is sometime in November - the family that gave him up didn't give the shelter the exact day just a year and month for his birth date. He'll be 16 sometime in Nov - simce my B'day is in Nov we celebrate together!