If you own Jumbo Flap would you buy GST?

  1. I need some help deciding what to do! I have the Jumbo Flap in black caviar with silver hardware. I am on the list for the GST - black with silver hardware because it is gorgeous! Is this overkill or do you think they are different enough? I am thinking maybe I should wait and see what other totes may come out for fall. I need black because it goes with the majority of my work wardrobe. TIA!
  2. not overkill at all! two totally diff looks............one classy/edgy/bigger and the other classic/ladylike/smaller but when worn with jeans and wedges can look edgy too.
    But...even if you wear alot of black, you could still do the classic jumbo flap in say, camel .....any neutral if you don't want to go into a bright color. Or stick with black!
    Definitely get it! I have both...two different moods!
  3. Not at all..You could have 10 black Chanel bags and it wouldn't be overkill..different bags for different outfits/occasions etc...Glad your getting that GST..isn't that hard to get now?
  4. I also think they are just totally different, and the GST would be a great addition.
  5. all my chanel are black. don't think is overkill at all. GST is more casual.
  6. I agree, not overkill at all! Two totally different styles.
  7. YES! A black GST is my next purchase. You can never have too many black Chanel bags! :biggrin:
  8. I think both bags are very different. You would get a different look with each of them. I have both and I don't think they're similar at all. I have people compliment them both as well.
  9. They are different bags and great choices. Go for it!
  10. I am thinking of adding a GST to my tiny collection--2 flaps and a baby cabas. I think it will work in well.
  11. They're totally different! I have them both and use them both all the time. If you want to switch it up why don't you get the GST with GH?
  12. Yes, I think they are TOTALLY different bags!

    Form an aesthetic standpoint, they have very different looks: I think the Jumbo is a young, edgy, and little unexpected. The GST is very classic.

    As far as room goes, the GST allows you to fit files, notebooks, magazines comfortably into the bag (especially without worrying about a leather lining since this is lined in nylon).
  13. Oh yes, I want both. They are must-haves.
  14. Its totally different though. Get it! I like the GST in gold hardware though :smile: