if you own calf hair / pony hair bags, come in, please :)

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  1. hi all - so i'm considering purchasing a really pretty calf hair bag at a steal of a price....but i have 2 questions.

    1. what do you think about the style (this obviously applies even if you don't own a calf hair bag)? does it have longevity, or will it be "so passe" by next year?

    2. how hard is it to care for? seems to me like it would be a breeze, since the hairs are so stiff, dirt would come right off. but the bag i'm looking at is cream, so i have to at least think about it. any input there?

    thanks, ladies!
  2. Numerous PFers have mentioned in the past that they have concerns about pony hair/calf hair bags potentially shedding or balding over time. I've always been leery about buying one for that reason.
  3. I bought a new Mapend Bag in red leather with zebra print on calf hair. I just love it!! It is a Hobo and everybody notices it. It does shed, yes, but hey! it is animal hair,it is like a sweater. But I notice it did it more at the beginning. It is so soft and the price almost a bargain. They sell leopard prints too, I think I'll get one.
  4. like everyone else has stated, there will be a problem with the hair shedding.


    it's like suede, you can have it, and keep it beautiful if you take care of it, and be super careful, i mean like, almost wierd careful (people look at me funny when i put my bags in their dustbags when i'm out but seriously you never know!)

    i personally like it, i think ponytail is beautiful and not a lot of people have this type of material so :smile:
  5. i have a pair of pony hair leopard print platform pumps that i've never worn because i'm afraid that it'll turn frizzy over the long run. i've seen the display ones in store and it wasn't a pretty scene. i was wondering if there's any type of "hairspray" that can keep the hair looking slick :P
  6. How are pony hair accessories made? Do they actually kill the pony?
  7. I don't own one yet, but I just recently brought this calf hair coin purse :heart:
    Can't wait to see how it feels! :smile:

    (pic from anntaylor.com)
  8. I have several pairs of pony & calf hair boots, sandals & pumps that have been WORN for several years. I have not done anything to preserve the hair other than try to be careful about wearing in the rain. The boots I have worn in the winter months and have had to deal with the snow on occasion seem to hold up fine. I store the shoes in the original boxes and be sure to let them dry completely prior to putting them away. They have maintained their look & feel for years. Give it a shot!:yes:
  9. Funny, I JUST posted a post about this in the YSL forum. I bought an amazing YSL pony hair bag awhile back, and the hair is definitely rubbing off. Recently, I was looking at a pony hair coat at the Ferragamo store on 52nd/Fifth, and the SA told me it would be a poor investment since pony is known to rub off. I LOVE the look, but don't think I'd buy a pony bag again (boots, maybe, since they wouldn't be rubbing against me)
  10. thanks for the info, guys....i think i'll hold off for now :smile: yay...more money for the MJ hudson fund!

  11. They do in some countries, like France, where they eat horse meat.

    In the UK, items that are described as 'pony skin' are generally made from calf skin. I'm not sure about the US.

    I have a Russell & Bromley 'pony skin' (calf skin) bag which I carried for a couple of years in the late '90s/early noughties and it didn't shed at all, but I have no idea about real pony skin; as I used to ride horses and I couldn't bring myself to buy it, even though it's a by-product (I know - it's the one way I'm hypocritical in this area).

    BTW, when I was carrying this bag, some woman in Tesco's (supermarket) was giving me the evil eye - I can only assume she thought it was non by-product fur. The ridiculous thing is, that she was wearing leather shoes and carrying a leather bag; which is, obviously, exactly the same thing, only with the hair removed!

    If someone did that now, I'd probably explain it to them.
  12. ^ yeah, "pony" isn't really pony...it's cow... i hate the term, so deceiving