If you order something in store, can you track it?

  1. I ordered the Thompson Hobo in Ink with my PCE in the store on Saturday. Is there any way you can track the order? Will they email me tracking like they do online? Thanks :smile:
  2. When I order in the store I ALWAYS get an email when my order ships from JAX with tracking info.:tup:
  3. They should have asked you for your email address... I know they didn't when I ordered my bag... I called the store that I ordered my bag from and they just gave me the tracking # to my order... :smile:
  4. For some reason the only time I get an email is when I order by phone. Whenever I order from the store itself, I wind up having to call the CS number and ask them for my order #, then I track it myself.
  5. Call JAX C/S @ 800-444-3611, M-F 8am-11pm EST. They can give you the tracking number if you don't receive a shipping confirmation email.