If you order a bag from the LV website..

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  1. Where does it come from? Does it depend on where you live? If I live in the USA will it come from the USA?
  2. I live in the east coast and my bags ship from Dayton, NJ
  3. Mine come from France and in the uk
  4. Mine came from NJ and was a MIF.
  5. Are you asking where will it ship from? Or where will the bags be made? Everything I've ordered from the website came from NJ. But it depends on the bag as to where they've been made. Some have been USA, others MIF or MIS.
  6. Depends on which kind of bag you order. I've ordered all of my bags from LV.com and only have the Speedy MIU because that is extremely popular so I'm sure they have a factory that makes it here. I have 3 MIS and 4 MIF and 1 MIU.
  7. Oops I lied! I have 2 MIU. The Eva and Speedy which I'm sure those are 2 of the most popular bags so they make them here as well due to the high demands.
  8. I just wonder if you have a better chance getting a MIF from the website?