If you only had four (maybe five) brands to choose from, what would they be?

Which brands would you choose?

  • Zoya

  • OPI

  • Chanel

  • Dior

  • DL

  • MAC

  • None of the above. See my post.

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Jun 21, 2008
On an airplane...
I am seriously thinking about narrowing my collection down to four or five brands. I really and truly do not want to have 100s of bottles of meaningless colors/brands that I will not wear or have gone untried for months. I feel like my collection is all over the place now and I need some order (that is the organizing side of me). I want to have a solid, consistant collection of colors/brands that I wear all the time and not just because they are the popular collections to get. It is starting to drive me crazy to see all of the different types of polish that I have just sitting there waiting for attention. (FYI, after my decision has been made, and I let my sisters go through my stash, I will give the ones that I don't want away!)

So if you had to choose four or five brands, which brands would you choose? And, why? Price doesn't matter, as long as the formulas are good.

About me:

I am not afraid of color but I like sheers.
I like glitter/holos/flakies but I do not want a brand that only has those finishes.
I don't mind cheapies or high-end. I don't discriminate along as long the polishes are good.

So can you ladies help me or am I crazy? :lol:


call me maybe
Jul 3, 2009
Bay Area/Santa Cruz, California
Seriously. They both have a good range of colors. At least the good thing about Zoya is their colors don't really get discontinued... I love the Zoya formula, especially from the Smoke & Mirrors collection! Plus they always have lots of sales and deals.

OPI... well, OPI is OPI. Colors for everyone, and amazing new collections almost all the time. I don't think you could resist the new Holland collection!
Jun 21, 2008
On an airplane...
I am thinking I will have to keep both of those brands because I love both of them for different reasons. I am already down to 2 brands left lol.

Nope can't pass on the Holland Collection. Those colors are going to be amazing!


Jan 21, 2010
I chose OPI , ZOYA, Chanel ,DL , and the fifth one would be Essie. :3 OPI 's formula is my favourite ! Never get disappointed by any of the OPI i own.
Jun 21, 2008
On an airplane...

Then Chanel then Dior
Oh gosh! I must to have Lippmann too! Maybe I should change to six brands lol!

I chose OPI , ZOYA, Chanel ,DL , and the fifth one would be Essie. :3 OPI 's formula is my favourite ! Never get disappointed by any of the OPI i own.
I do like Essie but I think they are too one-note for me and their formulas are inconsistent. However, I do love neutrals and sheers so maybe they will be a good brand to choose? Ugh! The decisions!!


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Dec 11, 2005
Deborah Lippmann/Lippmann Collection
China Glaze

Honourable mentions: Nicole by OPI, Butter London, Illamasqua, QUO/Orly at Shoppers, SALON Sally Hansen, Revlon


Dec 11, 2009
Los Angeles
My five are -

Rescue Beauty Lounge
China Glaze

I can easily live without drugstore brands, and for mid-range I consistently like more colors from OPI and China Glaze collections more than any other brand. High end is Chanel, Dior, and much as I would like to breakup, RBL.

Everything else for me is optional. This is actually a great thread - I've been paring down my collection, too, and will probably commit to only buying these brands in 2012 (makes shopping/budgeting so much easier!).

(Well, unless there's a Color Club collection at Ross for $7.99. I shall never pass up on those again!)