If you only had a Neverfull...what would your next purchase be?

  1. I want to save up for a Epi Tote this fall, but I'd also like a Speedy 30, and I'm thinking Damier Azur rather than regular Damier (ebony) or MC (since I have the neverfull in MC)...it would be an entirely different lighter look....but is it as classic and versatile as a Damier or MC?? Is the Vachetta an issue? Mine on the Neverfull hasn't patina'd yet, so I don't know how I'll feel about it - I think I won't mind...

  2. id get the speedy...so you'll have a hand held bag as well (in contrast to the neverfull which is a shoulder bag...)
  3. Some people find the vachetta an issue because of water mark problem, etc, etc. I find it a problem too at times. Then, I was recommended Apple Garde spray by a friend.

    Monogram Canvas will forever be LV classic pattern. I think it is alright to have a variation in your bag collection if you wish. But for me, I am an Monogram Canvas fan :p. All my LV bags are in Monogram.

    I think Damier pattern itself is an LV trademark so Damier Azur will become a classic as the time goes by.
  4. Id go definetly with the speedy cause its just such a cute bag. as i dont like the damier much i vote for damier azur (or mono but i see your point there)
  5. Yes i would get a speedy for sure! i have the azur speedy 30 and i LOVE it!
  6. Actually, I'd get the Neo Cabby MM in black. It's handheld and it's a shoulder bag. It's roomy and lightweight and I just love it. For times when a brown bag just won't do, the black denim goes perfectly.
  7. Just a head's up... mostly all of us on the forum use the acronym "MC" for Multicolore. To shorten out Monogram Canvas, we usually say "Mono" or "Mono Canvas".

    I think I would get the Speedy too like others have mentioned.
  8. Thanks. (newbie blushing)
  9. Definitely a Speedy, and I think the Damier Azur 30 would be the perfect addition to your collection!!!
  10. I agree that the Speedy is a good affordable classic staple to have in your wardrobe. As for the pattern, I think azur is great although I personally hate vachetta - I kinda wish they had made azur with beige leather handles but that is mostly because I am a slob and don't always take great care of my stuff. If you protect the handles, they will be fine.
  11. I would go with the speedy.