If you only choose between these 2 scarves ..

  1. Dear Gals,

    I face a dilemma between 2 scarves (which I love both, but I can only choose one) ...
    The options are : "Monsieur et Madame" 90cm scarf (orange/brown) or Passage De Tokyo (black/white) ...
    Please let me know your opinions ... anything at all ...

    Thank you in advance ...
  2. First, we'd like to know what your wardrobe is like and what is your coloring? For me that will determine what you will keep.
  3. I love the the M et M :flowers: I have the one in black, white & fuschia colorway. let me go look for some pictures.. I think the other ladies have the PDT scarves too.
  4. [​IMG]

    :yes: HG is right, what color dominate your wardrobe? :flowers: For me, I only buy scarves in certain colorways.
  5. By the design alone I would choose Passage but agree with the ladies, it depends what your wardrobe is like.
  6. monseir and madame. i love it. i have it in brown/red and also brown/gold (which i gave my mom but if she doesn't wear it i'm taking it back. lol)
  7. De Passage a Tokyo! I have the same scarf in black and white and I wear it almost every day. It is incredibly versatile.
  8. Here's our lovely Rose with her black Passage de Tokyo

  9. after seeing that pic ^ my vote goes to passage de tokyo
  10. I agree with the ladies - it depends on your wardrobe. If *I* had to choose a scarf for myself between the two is would be the Passage de Tokyo. I have the M & M in Black/White/Pink and love it.....but I'm a Black/White kinda gal which is why I'd go for the Tokyo.
  11. If would def depend on your wardrobe, though I must say that I am partial to the passage.
  12. Love M et M, but I think the colors of Passage would go further with my wardrobe. So, it depends on which will compliment your wardrobe better. They're both great choices, 'tho - v. hard decision! :yes: Good luck!
  13. I have both but in brown/gold MM and blue/green PT but I feel you cannot go wrong with either one. You'll have a great scarf either way. But seeing that b/w PT on Rose sort of pushes my vote toward that one.

    The only other comment is that those two colorways are so very different. As long as you have both browns as well as blacks you'll be OK either way.
  14. Without a doubt, I would get the Passage de Tokyo. That is the exact colourway that I am looking for, but they don't have it at my store or in Canada.

    That scarf looks fabulous on Rose...
  15. Dear Rose ...

    You're so beautiful & chic, so you can make any wardrobe so elegant ... I learn so much just to see your pictures ... wish i have your perfect style ...

    I love, love the "Passage" scarf ... Can i wear it beside the black/white/grey ensemble ??