if you only allow 4 purses, what are they

  1. Happy new year everyone!

    If you only allow to keep 4 purses, what will you be your must-have, considering you are working/career woman?
  2. mulberry bayswater x 2
    mulberry antony x 2
  3. Hermes Birkin - Black
    Chanel Classic Flap - Black
    Balenciaga Day - Black
    Gerard Darel 24 Heures - Black

    I really like black. :p
  4. Michelle, interesting, you have LV speedy in your photo but it's not in your 4-must-have. Thanks for post!
  5. Chanel Flap
    Hermes Kelly
  6. I saw a Longchamp tote yesterday at SF bloomingdale, so simple and elegant.
  7. Marc Jacobs Blake
    Botkier Trigger
    Rebecca Minkoff Morning After (regular size)
    and a briefcase for work :smile: