if you needed $$ which one would you sell?

  1. I went over my spending limit and have to sell a bag: which would you sell?

    LV mono speedy 30
    LV azur speedy 30
    LV ellipse PM
    Botkier stirrup
    balenciaga that's not even here yet

    (i figure i'll get next to nothing for the coaches, so i might as well keep them)
  2. LV azur speedy 30 or ellipse PM
  3. You have to sell one of the bags? That's so sad:crybaby: I dunno, that's a hard decision. Which one do you use the least?
  4. LV Azur Speedy 30
  5. I would sell one of the LV's - I would sell the Azur Speedy - simply because you can get a decent price for it. Its still new, in demand - some people are still looking for them.
    I tried selling Botkiers, trust me, they will sell but not the price you would want. I tried selling a Large Olive Botkier Trigger on eBay - for $275 or best offer (the original price was $600+.. i forgot) - it frustrates me - everyone gives me these lowball offers, $60, $80 including shipping - I end up keeping it. I rather put it in my closet than someone elses - $60 is like not even 10% of what I bought it for!
  6. i know! that's why i am keeping the coaches. i bought 3 bags (ellipse, azur and bbag) in the past month. i need to selll one.
  7. The one I liked the least.

    If there were two joint least favourites, I'd sell the one I used the least.

    If I used them both equally rarely, I'd sell the one which would fetch the most in relation to what I paid.

    If I loved them all equally, I'd sell the one that I could most easily replace in future. :smile:
  8. Hard decision. I'd sell the mono Speedy because you still can get good money for it and it's always available in boutiques, so you can buy it again when you have more funds. Same thing as for the Ellipse.
  9. LV ellipse PM
  10. Azur Speedy
  11. Azur speedy, it is in demand so you could probably sell it at retail price and it is permanent collection so you can always buy it again later :smile:
  12. Personally, I'd seel my Botkier Stirrup because I got it at the Lucky Buys price of $260-so I'd recoup my money.:smile:
  13. Azur Speedy
  14. First choice: LV azur speedy 30
    Second: Botkier stirrup
    Third: Ellipse PM
  15. Either the LV mono or Azur speedies... but for me personally, I'd sell something I'm least attached to. I mean, I consigned a couple of bags in the past few months and although I didn't get much back for them, they're not something I would actually consider buying back, so I think I did pretty well. More money to fund new handbags, PLUS I didn't regret selling them!