If you need something, give Saks Chevy Chase a call

  1. I was there today and they had a great selection of items. I picked up the last black and white large Cambon tote as it is going bye-bye. Love the hot pink and those handles. I have a list of items I want now, lol.
  2. I really like the Saks Chevy Chase Store. I bought my black diamond stitch tote there, they were so much more helpful than the SAs at the Saks here in San Antonio.

    What else did you see? I'm in the mood to buy something else!
  3. uh, what State is it in?
  4. ^Maryland
  5. do they have older items? maybe?
  6. Yes, they do have older items. And classic and flaps and the canvas and the diaper bags and denim cabas and gst w/silver and medallion w/silver (lots of silver hardware), Clutches, pink gingham totes (huge), snakeskin totes, funky metallic totes ($4000), Bucket totes in kelly green, yellow, red and black with little cut-out scenes; I mean, they have so much stuff that there are things not even set out! The SA was pulling bag after bag out and not 1 of them was the same. I was knee deep (and stoller deep, lol) in Chanel bags!!

    They have lines I have NEVER seen before. So, I would give them a call and just ask them if they have something you're looking for.
  7. are there any good accessories (old and new)?
  8. Believe it or not, all 3 cases were covered in bags and tissue paper as I tried items on, so I really didn't get a good look. What I did see were many different styles of wallets, large and small, coin purses, key chain attatched to coin purses, cosmetic bags, other small leather goods, clutches (9 different styles), 8 pairs of limited edition sunglasses (these are NOT kept with the regular Chanel sunglasses in the sunglass/acc. dept), necklaces, earrings, bracelets (but no detail on those, just know they had them). Sorry I couldn't be more helpful there.:crybaby:
  9. do you remember what color GST they had with silver hardware? On sunday they only had white with silver and beige with gold. TIA!
  10. cjj, they had denim cabas bags? :drool:
  11. or the baby cabas??
    i need it!!!LOL
  12. Any timeless clutches in any other colors besides, red, white and black????? Did you see a purple?
  13. omg!!! how come i never knew this before??! i am a stupid, irresponsible girl :push: who does not keep up with the latest places to call for Chanel! thank you soooooooooooooo much for telling us about this. I shall get on the phone now!!! i am tired of waiting for my denim cabas!

    <singing to the tune of "when You're a Jet" from West Side Story:

    When you're a Chanel purse
    You're a purse all the way!
    From your first classic flap
    To your Cambon, hurray!
    When you're a Cha-nel
    Coach and Dooney, step aside
    Better retire, icky bags
    For in shame you shall hide!
    The Chanel PFers are here....
    Their Chanels, they are a-towin'
    Other labels shall fear
    'Cause every Chanel girl
    Such good taste, she is showin'!!

    lol...anyone wanna add stanzas?


    PS I apologize to any Coach or Dooney lovers, but i had to pick bags that i did not think anyone on our forum would be offended if i dissed em...........:shrugs:

    PPS Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! They're closed! How can they close before 9pm? Its too early to close!
  14. Okay, hope I get this right :wtf: :

    GST w/silver: white, beige, black and a PST in pink

    Baby denim cabas- w of them (cute bag, I almost bought it, but went w/the Cambon instead)

    Timeless clutch- only in red but they did have a purple clutch in a different style.

    Also, had expandable purses, had the super soft purse that folds over with the extra thick chain (don't know the name) in 2 shades, had these cool looking sueded texture (but they were NOT suede) in black and cinnamon bucket bags, with thick chains going around the top and then over the shoulder... I'm telling you, they had bags coming out the ying-yang, lol.

  15. Uh, as far as I know most Saks close at 6 or 7 depending on what day it is. Tysons closes at 8pm on Saturday.