If you missed the Millionaires......

  1. They are going to be re released in black,teal, and purple. I think they will be released in August.

  2. Uh Oh --- what are the Millionaires? Are they in the limited edition thread?

  3. Millionaires are a line a sunglasses. They are aviator style with plastic frames.
  4. Yes I am not aware of what they look like, can you post a pic? TIA

  5. I am sorry I don't know how to post pictures yet. But there is a thread in the Club section labeled Lunettes de Soeil and member Deluxe Duck posted a picture of his black pair.

  6. Thank you!! I thought it was handbags and I was salivating. LOL!!

  7. :p You are too cute!!!
  8. !!!!!! i LOVE these sunglasses!!! thanks for the info, susu1!!!
  9. May I ask where you heard this info? :sneaky:
  10. yep, its true. i saw this it on a huge fold-up poster chart of all the upcoming sunglasses. the teal is actually more like turquoise and the purple is light lavender. im rather annoyed they're doing black again to be honest.
  11. My SA told me about this too :nuts: Can't wait!
  12. does anyone remember the price on these?
  13. Im getting the teal:graucho:
  14. Hi, Very happy about this info, Thanks. Does anyone have the price ??
  15. my SA couldn't give me the exact price yet, but he said its probably the same as the originals. here, they retailed for AU$1,680.