If you missed How to spot a fake on the Tyra Show

  1. Anyone who missed it, I recorded it on my DVR and have copied it onto DVD. If you would like a copy please EMAIL me your address. Please do NOT send me a PM since my PM mailbox is just about full. I am sorry this offer is only open to people in the United States.
  2. wow. ^^ thanks. thats really nice of you to offer to everyone. (emailed you. lol)
  3. Was it a good show?

    I was out shopping when it came on here.
  4. Is there anyway of uploading it to youtube? :smile:
  5. I was wondering that!
    I hope someone puts it on YouTube soon!
    That's very kind of you to offer though Beljwl:smile:
  6. you are very sweet! what a pity I live in France!
  7. That's very nice of you...I live in Canada... ><
  8. POst it on YouTube!!!
  9. I am so angry, I only caught the very end the purse segment.
  10. Wow, the commenters are really upset about that segment.

    I remember watching Rachael Ray's show once and it was all about how great it is to buy fakes-- they actually brought fakes on the show and promoted buying fakes in NYC.
  11. Thanks for posting!!
    I am so sick of seeing those fake LV pochettes and Chanel Cambons...especially the girls my age!! I bet they could even get a real bag with the money they are instead buying fakes with..
  12. Thanks for sharing. I caught the snippet of "fakes" on the Tyra website & learned a couple of interesting things. Like that it's supposedly illegal to sell fakes in the U.S. but NOT illegal to buy them.
  13. Tyra has been photographed with fakes and expressed unwillingness to spend so much on real bags before. See the balenciaga forum to see the pictures and discussions.
  14. ============= SPOILER ALERT PERHAPS :3 ================
    The show was quite funny.
    But I know they could've done more to explain on how to spot fake purses. IMO.
    The lady mentioned bunch of hardware stuff.. That I remember.
    They talked nothing about how Coach purses alignment is KEYIMPORTANT and LV don't have cutoff LV logos..
    They should've done a little more explanation.. but then.. what they did go over was better than nothing. ^^;

    Also.. It was funny when Tyra was talking about her 'friend'. XD!