if you make an LV order through macys will it still come in LV box??

  1. just wondering. cause when i finish paying off my macys bill i wanna get something LV.
  2. I don't see why not, request LV box.
  3. is the LV in macys like the way Chanel is in Saks??

    like in its own section blocked off??
  4. Ask macys for an lv box.
  5. Macys sells LV? Since when?
  6. The big one in NYC (the flagship store, I believe) carries LV.
  7. I didn't know that either, but I don't go to Macy's much.
  8. I didn't know, either, until I recieved a Macy's coupon in the mail and LV was in the "excluded" list + I was all wha-wha-WHAT?! :wtf:

  9. ^^^^^

    LV has it's own section, but usually Chanel is in it's own "glass house", I've always found it strange that Sak's makes concessions like that for Chanel....anyway, they do put your purchases in an LV box at Macy's. One thing....Macy's sales coupons are NEVER applicable to Louis Vuitton, since LV NEVER has sales on their items like the other brands.
  10. I did a charge-send fron NYC Macy's Herald Square and the LV box was included.
    But ask any way, just to make sure you get it.
  11. selected macy*s only (one in NYC, or was it two?, and then the Marshalls Field scattered around central US). they've been selling it for awhile
  12. yea, you will get the LV box with an LV order through macy*s. make sure you request the box though because they might just send it to you in the dustbag or that brown envelope
  13. k. thanks guys!!
  14. i didnt know macy sells LV?
  15. I think that's how Vuitton penetrated the US market by leasing space through major department stores like Saks and Neiman's. Macy's Flagship NYC is the only one that has LV. When the family owned company was bought out and became LVMH it was only then, that they started having the stand alone boutiques. Not the expert but I read it somewhere online.:p