If you love your purse enough to eat it... PICS

  1. Ok, I for one would just LOVE to have one of these beautiful, scrumptiously fashionable handbag cakes for ANY occasion!! Problem is, the cost as much as the real thing! $400-$700!!!



  2. OHHHHHH!! where did you find these???:drool:
  3. I googled "coach handbag cakes" lol

    Yes, I have no life... :smile:
  4. lol holy crap those are awesome!! I can just hear the sound of hundreds of husbands rolling their eyes in unison at the idea of a Coach cake tho lol
  5. Wow! That's so amazing!

    I'd have to say, though, I'd spend the bucks on a real bag and then pick up a cake at my local bakery for $25!

    Very cool!
  6. I'm with you on that. They are so cool looking though.
  7. haha! I can picture this!

    someone's friends got her a coach cake for her bday...i want to say her name is disney something....?
    sorry, I can't remember, dang old age *shakes fist in air* lol.
  8. I remember (not who it was though)....she had a picture of it up in her profile for a while.
  9. i do remember seeing that avatar, and that thing has been haunting me for weeks! that is the reason I was googling in the first place LOL
  10. omg that's awesome.
    The hardware looks so real on the first one.
    I remember a member posting a pic of her cake awhile back. It was chocolate and cream colored, kind of like the colors of a cotton choc carly.
  11. Omg! Two of my favorite things - Coach and CAKE!!! :girlsigh:
  12. SQUEEEEEEE!!!!

    I want a Coach cake!
  13. mmm cake, maybe I'll try and make one sometime