If You Love Something, Set it Free..........

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  1. #1 Jul 2, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2009
    ......If it comes back to you, it's yours!!!:love::heart:

    That's how I feel about my *new* Beloved Balenciaga bag!!!

    I purchased a gently used Bbag in Olive Brown years ago, which began my love for the bags. Soon after, I purchased another gently used Seafoam Twiggy & finally stopped when I acquired a brand new '05 Black City!! I parted w/the Twiggy soon after buying the City, but hung on to my Olive Brown & Black for years, until.....

    Last fall, I decided to sell my Black City in order to purchase a brand new Anthracite bag. I've always wanted a Grey Bbag, but could never find one within my price range, so the idea was shelved & I pretty much gave up. Then I found an Anthra bag at Barneys, so I put my Black city up on the market. It sold almost immediately & I bought that Anthra bag. But once I got it home, I wasn't very happy. Chevre leather was replaced with Agneau & the bag appeared to have gone through many changes over the years/seasons. It felt "cheap" & thin & plastic-y & I wasn't very happy w/it (not to mention, the bag was also flawed). So I took it back. All I had left was my Olive Brown, which I ended up selling in order to fund another larger bag purchase. So for the last 6 mos I have been Balenciaga-less :sad:

    Then a few weeks ago, a friend of mine decided to part with her Plomb City that she bought a few short months ago & used only once. The bag was practically brand new. So I got in touch w/her & told her that I wanted it, and we worked out the details.

    Well, that bag arrived today and I couldn't be happier!!:yahoo:

    The leather is nice and soft. Yes, it's a little thinner & "different" from my '05 bag, but it's soooo much nicer than the Anthra one I bought last fall. The color is extraordinary!! I love the subtle grey/blue undertones and how it changes its looks depending on the lighting. The bag couldn't be more perfect!! The best part is that I've finally been able to acquire the Grey Bbag I've always wanted!!

    So w/o further ado, here she is my "new" (to me!) City in Plomb!!!
  2. These were taken with no flash in natural daylight (the sun's not out and it's cloudy, but the color is pretty close to being accurate)

  3. [​IMG]
  4. The leather looks so yummy! Congrats, it's gorgeous!
  5. No stuffing -- look at that "puddle of leather"!!:drool:

  6. [​IMG]
  7. And this was taken with the Flash (still in natural light tho)

  8. Yummy....love anything in Plomb, Congrats!
  9. I love plomb! It's a very underestimated color and the leather on the pieces I've seen has always been really nice.
  10. gorgeous! so glad you no longer have to be Balenciaga-less!
  11. Plomb was the first colour drawn me into bal, however I am still searching for one. Congrats on having your new love.
  12. What a perfect welcome back to Bbag-land! Your Plomb City is divine.
  13. :flowers::heart: thank you!!
    I'm VERY happy with it!
    I'm so glad to fill that "Bbag Void"!!
    I cannot wait to start using it again!
  14. OHHH MY! I can't tell you how happy I am for you..

    Your new Plomb is unbelievably scrumptious, in fact so very heartbreakingly beautiful that any nagging guilt I might have had about our black City is history! :yahoo:

    Congratulations! :hugs:
  15. LOVE IT ... what a beauty!!!! Glad to hear that you are "Balenciaga-less" no longer! ;)