If you love pink...

  1. I just saw the prettiest pink classic caviar flaps at Nieman Marcus in White Plains. There was the light pink and the bubble gum color pink. :heart: And a pink medallion too. Someone grab them before I have to go back there. :yes:
  2. what size? for the classic flaps
  3. yay for pink flaps!! may i ask your opinion on what the difference was between the bubblegum and the light pink?? (you can use my av as a reference point if the description is hard...)

    i :heart:333 pink, better stop tempting me!!
  4. Takeoutbox, they were the classic size (medium).
    Janny, it looks like your avator was the light pink one. They also had one that was a darker pink, but not fuscia, it was the color of bubble gum, if you know what I mean. It was so yummy!
  5. spy...do you know how much they are?
  6. thanx for the info spylove

    i am intrigued now! (b/c i have been eyeing the fuscia for a little while now) pink bags are tdf!
  7. No, I didn't dare ask.
  8. Oh no, make me want to cry, the pink classic flap is the one bag I would sell my soul for, LOL!!
  9. :roflmfao: too cute!
    thanks for the info! want to get a pink chanel some day...not sure if i'm girly enough for one though...:shrugs: