If you love Hello Kitty as much as me.

  1. I got this for my birthday this past January and it's my absolute favorite!
    I of course have my share of Tiffany & Co.
    But I :heart: Tarina Tarentino!
    Picture 011.jpg
  2. adorable!! I know Lulu and Rebecca has a couple pieces from the pink head collection
  3. Really!? Where can i see some of their stuff?
  4. i have the exact same necklace. love it!
  5. cute necklace! i wonder if it comes out in chococat? :biggrin:
  6. this is so adorable! :heart:

    any idea what is it made of?
  7. Awh! I don't think there is a chococat edition of these but that would be soooooooo cute if there would be! And the necklace is not made of anything special. It's just [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Sans-Serif]a crystal-embellished lucite puff heart pendant on a textured chain with a toggle closure.
  8. just curious -do you guys know that she has her boutique on Melrose?...
  9. it's cute and everything, but i hate the mouthless cat. there's an obssession with her going on round this area... it's like leo dicaprio when he first starred in titanic, but this is endless...
  10. I love hello kitty...but still haven't found a TT set I like...I do however have the barbie set!!!

    I wish they would make my mellody and little twin stars!!!
  11. Aw cute! I love Tarina Tarantino!
  12. Cute necklace! :love: I love Tarina Tarantino jewelry and anything Hello Kitty :nuts: I have a pink head necklace that I love.
  13. So cute :love:
  14. Hehe I just got another one today! Well 3 really, one is HK though.

    And to the OP, congrats on your new necklace, it's adorable!!