If you love Hayden Harnett...you also love...

  1. Ok friends...if you're fans of Hayden Harnett, what else do you love? I'll start - I am a Belen Echandia and Bulga fan....
  2. Not Rational...
  3. huh?
  4. Never mind..I get it - hadn't heard of these two - sorry - just googled both - LOVE the Ani bags...any experience with them?
  5. Yes - I have the Nadia in Cognac, which I love. The gold hardware (much brighter than the HHs) concerned me at first, but as the bag has aged, the brighter hardware compliments it nicely.

    Sorry - I should have been clearer in my earlier posting LOL! That probably does look a little strange....the Not Rational bag site hasn't been updated in quite awhile, but there are a few styles on Zappos and mrcharlesshop.com

    And partially due to you, I have started a scary obsession with belen echandia :p
  6. Too funny! Great minds think alike (or great taste...). Do you have a BE bag yet? I now have to decide on the Indulge me in Petrol, LOVE the ANI bags and the Bulga multipocket...decisions decisions!
  7. I am a new Bulga fan - just got a crescent satchel in banana and :heart::heart::heart:!

    Also like the feel & designs of Ananas, but not sure about the casual wooden/other natural materials accents.

    and my new obsession, is the Give line (www.shopgive.com) - in particular the Vintage Catena in Lamb.

    but HH still remains my top pick :yes:
  8. oops! totally forgot SHIH by Stephanie Lin! Not to be missed!
  9. bulga, botkier (styles are pretty though the leather isn't as nice), kooba (spring styles only), coach (none of the sig fabric really appeals to me), mulberry, jenny yuen, and gerard darel (planning on getting one of those 24 heures this fall).
  10. I'd love a BE, but I would have to think long and hard about it, based on my typical bag budget. It's funny, I bought the Ani and two HH Lorcas for my 40th and thought "Yay! I'm done!" Couldn't want anymore....

    ...then the BE posts started :drool:!

    Funny that the Ani and the two HHs equal one BE :sweatdrop:!
  11. :yes: I hope that you saw my post about the BE sale next week from the 12-15th-if not- know that they are doing a 35% off sale-check out their website. I have the Take Me Anywhere bag in petrol and it's too die for! Good luck with your BE hunt!
  12. Yes, I did and I signed up - what harm could there be in that :rolleyes: ? You guys with your lovely BEs are such enablers :p!
  13. Once you buy a BE bag you won't look back...although..I'm now very drawn to the ANI bags too...like you...I thought I was done after my Marc Jacobs Blake, Then came HH mercer satchel, closely followed by Bulga medium studded tote, BE TMA....will it ever end??
  14. I love Not Rational!
    Also Anna Corinna

    I also like to look for indie brands that has interesting and simple designs.
  15. Botkier
    Rebecca Minkoff
    Kazuyo Nakano
    Moni Moni
    Anna Corinna