If you live near an LV store, how often do you go in?

  1. I love my one LV but I've never been a huge fan. I've probably been into the local LV about 3 times in the past 2 years!!

    I think I'm going to stop by tomorrow and check out the speedies :biggrin:
  2. i have 3 in my vicinity, and i work in the same mall with 2 of them.. but i hardly ever go because it's on the otherside of the street (mall is divided with a bridge and such.. humongous mall, lots of walking.. too much perhaps) so it's a far walk for me. i'm lazy. i go probably once every quarter. haha.
  3. Sometimes bi-weekly, sometimes once every two months...
  4. I always live near LV store. When I lived in Hawaii, it just a walking distance in waikiki. Now in San Diego, I am not too far from both boutiques we have here. I don't go there that often but if I am in the mall, I have to visit boutique. There is something missing if I didn't. It's part of the ritual of going to the mall. Normally when I go there when I have soimething in mind that I want to check it out. I don't really want to bother SA that much. Sometime I just want to be inside the store and get "high"[​IMG] from all those bags.

    Good luck with your visit tomorrow..
  5. I'm not that close to one, but if I'm shopping in the area, I always drop in. :biggrin:
    Mpark, right now they're remodeling the SF LV. When we went last week, there were only a few selections on the street level, but if you go downstairs, there is a whole room of bags and speedies to look over!
  6. it least every 3 months i feel bad cos i never buy anything and when i plan to i go home emptyhanded
  7. not as often as I wish, too much traffic (In LA) I have to leave at 10.00 and plan on getting home by 11:00 am b-4 traffic, not much to shop
  8. I go to either the boutique in Neiman or the actual store down the way in Fashion Valley. So pretty much every time I'm at that mall...maybe about 3 times a month?

  9. [​IMG]LvBabydoll, another San Diegan !
  10. downstairs?!?! i don't remember there ever being a downstairs!!
  11. i live 10 minutes walk and work 1 minute walk from it
    but i hardly ever go in nowadays
    too much temptation
    i only go when i mean to get something
  12. We have 2 here, the one I buy from I only go in if I am purchasing something, my SA gets all excited to see me come in, once she dropped a bag that was in her hand!! HAHA That night I bought only $1000 worth, 2 bags, but she was happy. It was the last day of the month and she was missing her quota by $800.
    The other one I never buy from, I just go in to browse and ask to see new items. I don't know why I do it that way, I guess I just like knowing that when I go to the other one I am buying.
  13. Hi there!! :greengrin:
    Out of curiosity, do you ever go to the Horton Plaza one? I think the last time I was in there was a couple years ago..they don't carry a lot of the things you'd think they would. For example, they never got in any of the peppermint or marshmallow vernis pieces!
    I stick to the ones in Fashion Valley..the people are nicer too!
  14. I go to the Horton Plaza sometime but prefer Fashion Valley better. The Horton one is very small but I still go to the store if I am in the mall.
    I agree, the Horton people aren't that friendly. They are too serious in robotic way. I am planning to go to Fashion Valley June 1, I am hoping to check out Damier Speedy.
  15. I live VERY close to LV:yes: Sometimes I visit once a week..depends if there is anything I am interested in:shame: