If you live in LA

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  1. Not exactly a "steal" but thought I'd post in case anyone is interested--I was at Beverly Center yesterday and there is a handbag store there --Jacqueline Jarrot (sp?) on the 6th floor next to the pet store--they offer lots of designer bags and give you 20 or 25% off of the marked price. I've never purchased from them but their selection is HUGE so it might be worth checking out if you are in the area. They have lots of Francesca Biasia which are reasonably priced IMHO anyway and the current styles.
  2. Thanks for the tip Shappy! If I ever make it over there... I'll check it out!!
  3. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Oh I go to Los Angeles allot ~ thanks for the tip!
  5. If you live in the valley, there's a Jacqueline Jarrot store in Fashion Square Mall (Sherman Oaks) too.

    I noticed they had a "SALE" sign in the window last week...
  6. The store always attracts me to go in but I've never found anything that I couldn't find cheaper somewhere else or a one of a kind that I had to have.
  7. It depends on who you ask. Some of the girls there will offer you a discount if you seem to be mulling over an item, but some girls will turn you down flat if you ask. They also carry a good selection of bulga bags.
  8. Thanks, I'll check it out this weekend!
  9. Does anyone know if the sales associates are on commision there? They all seme kinda bored and never offer a smile unless you are ready to purchase.
  10. Hmm. Next time I'm up there, I'll definitely check them out. thanks.
  11. LOL I totally agree. They barely even look up when you walk into the store! I think maybe they're aspiring models/actresses?? ;)
  12. People are rude there, you're right. :smile:
  13. I think they may have a store at the Crystal Court area of SCP. I remember wandering into this boutique that had the best selection of Biasia handbags I'd ever seen in one place.
  14. the girls are so stuck up there
  15. no thanks for stuck up SA"s!!