IF you liked camo... would you like this bag?

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  1. #1 Sep 13, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010
  2. If I liked camo, I'd probably go with bag # 2.
  3. i'd choose the kors.

    are you planning on getting one of these?
  4. I LOVE CAMO!!!!! I maybe one of few but I love the fact that this fall is all about the military inspired!!!! Will I be head to toe in it? NO, but those few key pieces make the look. I personally like all 3 BUT tend to lean towards the B. Mak (thanks for pointing it out) for it's size and function. (Although I've had my eye on the camo leather Kors tote for quite awhile!)
  5. #3 is my first choice and #1 is my second choice. The 2nd one has too much going on IMO.
  6. OMGosh I have been SO PSYCHED 'military chic' is in this season - but i've also been like... WHERE ARE ALL THE CAMO BAGS???!!!

    I'm on a BAG BAN with ONE EXCEPTION... a kickass camo (or just military-ish looking) bag if it ever turns up --

    Please let me know if you spot a good one!!!!

  7. Number three gets my vote.
  8. The MK bag is so cute!
  9. i'm not into camo but if i like one i won't get all 3, i will only buy this lv monogramouflage
  10. #2 for sure, #3 after that.
  11. #1 for sure, best design in the group, #3 is second, and lastly #2.
  12. #1 or #3
  13. i like 3
  14. the 1st one
  15. I'm really loving that MK one ... I've seen one IRL and it is fabulous, definitely well made and reasonably priced for a trendy bag. I'm beginning to regret not picking one up when I had a chance.