If you like Toki Doki, I work at the Seattle Location

  1. Hey all! My name is Crystal and I'm what you all call "SA". I work for the Seattle Lesportsac in Washington.

    Just to let you know these are the correct styles in the Original print:


    We had the Gioco, but we ran out. I'm not sure when we'll be getting more, but you are all welcome to call us whenever we're open. Our hours are 10-9pm Mon-Sat and 10-7 Sun.

    We never had the original print (AKA Toki Doki White) in Bella. I think Tiff was mistaken. I know for sure because I hand checked them in myself.

    Another thing to let you all know, we will be getting Adios Star and Bianca June 28th as well as Pirata on July 13th.
    We don't ship to Canada or Hawaii. (sorry! :sad:)

    Let me know. Sorry about the long post!
  2. YAY hi Crystal! This is Jenn (well whenever I talk I say Jennifer) and I talked to you today and had a portatelefono and bambinone put on hold :biggrin: would it be at all in the slightest bit possible to put it on hold until pirata came or is that way too far away? If it is I understand but I'm just curious since it'd save on shipping :smile:

    oh and would it be possible for u to list the prices since I'm sure a lot of people that will look at this will also wonder.

    *copied from other thread in case you don't see it in the other one :biggrin:*
  3. Whaaa? Wait, I'm in Hawaii and I put two OP porta's on hold... Is there a reason why Seattle doesn't ship to Hawaii but Southampton does?

    *also copied from other thread*
  4. haha copy cat!!! j/p
  5. OH NO! Maya! I didn't tell you that we didn't ship to Hawaii? I'm so very sorry. You don't have anyone who lives in the states that can send it to you?? I feel horrible!!

    The bag prices are as follows:

    Stellina: 97.50
    Portatelephono: 63.00
    Luna: 157.50
    Bambino: 81.00
    Bambinone: 97.50
    Canguro: 90??
    Bocce: 66.00
  6. thanks, crystal! i am going to see what's left after my trip to hawaii. hopefully there'll be something left me! :smile:
  7. Oh and Jenn, I'll put those on hold until Pirata. It'll be fine since Pirata comes out soon.
  8. Wait, SouthHampton ships to Hawaii?? Are you sure? That's weird, I didn't think any of our stores did. I was told for sure that ours didn't.
  9. OMG I just read this and almost assed out. Do you have many bambinos left?
  10. We have TONS of Bambinos left.
  11. OOPPSS I meant bambinone not bambino
  12. x
  13. yeah im looking for a bambino too since there is no dolce??
  14. x
  15. hahaha I meant to write passed out but im sure you all figured that. Its late and i had a looooong day