If You Like Christina Aguilera & Michelle Branch

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  1. You might like BONNIE MCKEE.




    You may have heard her song "Somebody" on radio as it got to no. 39 on the U.S. charts and was on the "Win a date with Tad Hamilton" soundtrack. She was also recently in a film called August Rush as Keri Russell's best friend.

    Bonnie Mckee single-handedly wrote her first album by herself when she was just 16 years old, an amazing feat for a young singer in the music industry today. Sadly, due to insufficient promotions of her ex-record company Reprise (warner), her album/single sales didn't do really well and she's been dropped. Its such a shame though because she is a great singer and a brilliant songwriter at the very same time.

    Check out the video for her first single "Somebody" and if u are interested to hear more of her, go to her Myspace! :smile: Be suprised for some provocative lyrics from her past.

  2. i like that song. :smile:
  3. thanks for checking her out! :smile:
  4. Thanks so much for the great info!!! I'd definitely check her out! I love listening to anything new! She reminds me a lot of Jewel.
  5. not bad song....though never heard of her YET...:P
  6. I've been listening to her for a while, that song came out a few years ago. She's great! :tup:
  7. thanks u guys! im just trying 2 spread the word! luv her x
  8. never heard of her?
  9. I think the college crowd has heard of her, but us *old* people haven't.

    She is really good but the reality of the recoding industry is that the overproduced artists make the most money.

    She, unfortunately for her, sounds too much like Avril Lavigne - everyone will say, "hay, it's that girl that sounds like Avril!!", But, this song is really good.

    Anyway, I hope she does well!!
  10. I really don't think she sounds anything like Avril Lavigne!! If you listen to the rest of her songs, you will DEFINITELY catch my drift.
  11. I really really like her! I'll help spread the word too! :smile:
  12. Hah, that's funny! That's how I discovered Bonnie on Pandora, my list did include songs from Christina and Michelle

    In addition to Bonnie and Michelle,
    I also really like Anna Nalick, in case anyone wants to try listening to her stuff