If you leave feedback on the last day, can they leave you one too?

  1. Okay, so I'm still harboring a grudge against my ebay buyer bully who I have full intentions of leaving a neg for. I have the exact day marked on my calendar that will be 90 days from auction end. If I leave her a negative then, can she still reply/leave me one?

    FYI, if you're not familiar with the story, know that I'm not being mean -- this woman was awful and harrassing, filed claims with horrible accusations in it, all because she had buyer's remorse. Ebay will never be the same for me :sad:
  2. I have no idea, but if she deserved the neg. feedback, then do it and don't look back. If she does it to you in retaliation, wear it(the neg) proudly--you stood up for what is right.

    Hopefully, someone knowledgeable will come along who can answer your question.
  3. I heard that some people have been able to leave feedback even after the 90 day limit on another forum....

    I may be wrong, but that's why I've been reluctant to do what you're thinking of to one of my eBay "bully"...just in case they get me back. :sad:
  4. I've heard you can leave feedback after 90 days too.. I wanted to do the same thing, but I read the feedback rules and it says somewhere that you can.

    Even if you leave a neg and she retaliates, I thought retaliation negs weren't allowed anymore by ebay?
  5. Yeah, even after 90 days they can leave you retaliatory feedback. I should know O.o that's what happened to me. I left it on the 90th day and got a negative fb the next day. O.o
  6. the feedback dates arent rigin do evenif yopu leave feedback on the 89th day, the receoiver might still be able to leave feedback too.

    don't be afraid to get a neg in return, if your feedback is factual, people will be abele to see you were in the right even if the other person leaves a neg in retaliation. the main this is that the neg you leave will be a warning to others.

    You can also leave a reply to your feedback, someting like "retaliatory negative: they made false accusations and tried to bully me"