If you know anyone with an eating disorder, please help them

  1. I just found out that a childhood friend of mine died last week from heart failure. Her death was due to a long term eating disorder. She was 39.

    I knew her in elementary school and we hung out with each other outside of school. Our parents knew each other. My mom taught her piano. She was a straight-A student throughout all her school years. She had beautiful auburn hair and an infectious laugh. She was an incredible tennis player and was such a sweet person. We went to school together all the way up through high school. We went to differerent colleges and I didn't see her for many years, but during those years she earned her BA and her MBA. She had a fantastic job and got married.

    I saw her at our 10-year high school reunion and I knew something was drastically wrong. I knew right away she either had an eating disorder or some other life threatening illness. I didn't go to my 20-year reunion but I heard from others that she looked just as awful.

    I'm sure her family and friends knew she had a problem and tried to help her but they were unsuccessful. A friend of mine saw her about a month ago and she said she was going through a rough divorce. I can only assume with the stress of the divorce, along with the stress of the eating disorder on her body, that it was too much on her.

    She died a week ago in the hospital. Her funeral is today but since I'm across the country I won't be attending. She is the first person I've known to die of an eating disorder. Even though I hadn't seen her in a very long time, I'm so sad because it was so unecessary. She was such a good person, so talented and full of promise. She should have lived at least another 40 years.

    So please, if someone you know or suspect has an eating disorder, please try to reach out to them and help them. Many thanks ...
  2. Lori, I am so sorry to hear this :sad: Eating disorders are a terrible thing, and often times many people who suffer from them don't want to get the help they need. Sometimes it can be difficult for family and friends to realize what is going on, and then it's too late. I'm with you - if you know someone who has an eating disorder, reach out. It can save a life.

    You and your friend's family are in my thoughts :heart:
  3. Oh...im so sorry for u and your friend.What a terrible thing to happen.HUGS!
  4. Oh, my Lori. I am so sorry hon.

    I've known people who died from eating disorders too, and you feel so helpless. Like drug addicts, they become very good at hiding the addiction to foods or the lack of consuming it... but the quest to be so thin (or the need to eat for comfort) is overwhelming... they think their self-worth is about their body image.

    Tabloids don't help either... they either make fun of the celebs fat, taking unflattering pictures, or they make fun of how skinny one is. 40 years ago models and actresses had curves. Now they all look like holocaust survivors.
  5. That's absolutely awful. I am so sorry for your loss. *HUGS*
  6. That is so sad. :sad: I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Hugs to you! :flowers:
  8. So sorry for your loss. It is so sad to think that her and many other lives are lost because they are not happy with their self-image. :sad:
  9. My coworker openly tells us she throws up until she reaches the weight she wants and then starts back up to eat again. No one says anything now, we tried to talk to her about it once but she straight out told us off, and to back off, that it was her life, her body. :shrugs::shrugs:
  10. She doesn't care that vomitting like this will rot the back of her teeth, it can also cause her throat to become affected, all that acid comig back up... along with intestinal disorders. By binging/purging, she's going to have some life-long effects she's not going to like. It's sad, she will live to regret abusing her inner organs like this.

    I wonder at the legalities of having to report such behaviour by a dentist... it would be obvious to one what she does, and it IS a mental disorder, do they have to report it to someone. Hmm.. something to check into.

    ETA: Here's one link I found about it. http://jada.ada.org/cgi/content/full/137/6/773
  11. Very sorry to hear your loss and in a sad way I have to say thanks for sharing it. It is a sad reminder to me, and you just reminded me to ring my best friend who comes and goes thru periods of anorexia, has been at least maybe 10 times since I've known her, close to 18 yrs now. Every time it happens she isolates herself and does not return calls which makes it very difficult to help her. I always try to just get her to talk as much as possible without judging her, just listening is mostly what I end up doing, but still, when she gets into these stages it is very hard for her to open up and talk. I always worry about her and it is really scary to listen to her when she gets into this depressive state, if she says anything is often talks about having lost all hope and faith in life in general. Its like a slow form of dying that she does to herself on purpose. Very sad :sad:
  12. I am soo sorry about your friend Lori (((HUGS))), eating disorders are terrible there is so much pressure on women today to be "perfect"
  13. *hugs*

    im sorry lori
  14. to the op - i am deeply sorry for the loss of your friend.
    i wish to offer some sort of condolence, but i simply don't know what to say.

    i have had an eating disorder for going on 5 years now;
    i have anorexia nervosa, countered with obsessive exercising.
    and no, i'm not proud of it. it is a voice in my head all hours of the day and night.
    in fact, i hate it. but i just don't have the strength to fight it again; not right now anyway.

    i truly feel for your friend - her last months must have been very difficult. :sad:
  15. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, Lori. (((HUGS)))!