If you have to choose

  1. Please help I am in dilemma right now. I am going to buy Twiggy bag but not sure which colour would be best?

    I was thinking of Tabac or black 07 - £480
    Or Sky Blue 08 - £550

    Which one you think would be worth spending on?


    The first 2 are photos of the actual bag but I could not find the photo of sky blue 08 bag yet.

    Thank you for your help.
    595026.jpg 595029.jpg 200794151534.jpg
  2. Tabac!! I love this color - have been considering this color in a Twiggy myself!!
  3. For me, I would go with the black or sky blue ... but that's just because I like those colours more than the other. What colour would work into your wardrobe better? They're all very nice.
  4. Someone posted pictures of their '08 sky blue yesterday and it was breathtaking. Definitely sky blue!
  5. I think that Sky Blue would look great in a Twiggy (but, as a disclaimer, I haven't seen it in person yet, so I can't be positive)! The others are nice neutrals -- would Sky Blue work for you (and be as versatile)? No matter what, you can't go wrong! Enjoy! :yes:
  6. sky blue. love it. it is amazing irl
  7. sky blue gets my vote!
  8. I would get tabac it's a gorgeous color and very versatile!
  9. sky blu gets my vote!
  10. Tabac or black in my opinion.
  11. I'd go for the black or a darker color... if you plan on using the Twiggy strictly by the handles more that the shoulder strap, just keep in mind that the handles will get darker from hand oils. However, you could also treat the handles prior to using the twiggy to delay & prevent the darkening of the handles too. :yes: Good luck on your decision~!
  12. Depending on how careful you want to be with your bag, I'd say black or sky blue. Sky blue would probably be my first choice but it would require more babying because of the light color
  13. tabac or black - they are gorgeous neutral colors (and I tend to lean more toward the neutrals)
  14. same here! sky blue isn't my favorite color, but I'm eagerly awaiting my tabac day- the color is so rich and gorgeous! So that gets my vote. Second choice would be black- such a classic, and some of the broken in black twiggys posted here are :drool:
  15. Thank you very much everyone for your help. :smile: I think I will use twiggy and handheld it quite a lot, I will choose darker colour for now (+ most of my wardobes are smart clothes - in dark colour). Sky blue is so nice though I am thinking when I have more money, it will be sky blue day bag that I am going to get and use it whenever I am wearing casual :biggrin:.