If You Have the Vintage Ergo Hobo....

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  1. Can you tell me how you like it? I've been really looking at the large Ergo tote but really need a shoulder bag with a zipper. I'd like to know how it stays on your shoulder, is it light, what does the lining look like?

    I'm going to be traveling a lot this summer and would like a good sized bag that is shoulder style with a zip.

    Of course, with the PCE, I may just have to pick up a tote, too!

    If you would post pics, I'd be happy to send a margarita your way!:yes:
  2. Bump...

    Please? Any takers?.....

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  3. I have this bag. No pictures of me modeling it though.
    The lining is chocolate brown. The zipper zips easily and it does not fall off your shoulder. It really lays beautifully on the body more so than the regular Ergo's as it is vachetta leather. I don't really know if I am keeping it as I just ordered the Ergo Patent Hobo in Mahogany. I know that they are different but they are both in the brown family and I just have way too much brown in my collection - it is my favorite color. This is a picture of it.

  4. Thank you for posting these pics! I figured that there may not be too many people that have this bag so I drove to the Coach store with my twins in tow to give it a test drive! It was actually good for me to have them there so I could see how I could manage them and the bag, and it felt pretty good--much lighter than the Ali I was toting (but also love dearly)...

    I had them put it aside for the PCE for me. The interior is really beautiful and so is the leather. This bag kinda snuck up on me--I didn't really appreciate how pretty it was until I looked at it in person (this happens a lot, don't you think?).

    I'm going overseas this summer and want a bag that will be easy to carry but can carry a lot of stuf securely for my kids (snacks, etc). I think this bag fits the bill!
  5. Here's mine

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  6. I'm exactly the same way! I love brown leather and have tons of it! I have one great red leather pebbled tote and the rest is brown!

    Thank you!:yes:
  7. This turquoise is SOOOO gorgeous. I was very tempted by it today and may end up getting the turquoise tote still for the PCE..

    It looks really good on you! I'm guessing that you're fairly tall?;)

    Me? Not so much..:rolleyes:
  8. TejasMama:

    The Ergo Vintage Hobo in my opinion is the nicest one in the leather version. It really lays nicely on the body and the scratches rub right out as it is a vintage leather. It will form a lovely patina as you wear it. I have the Patina already forming on my Ergo Vintage Vachetta Tote which I love very much. The color also is so neutral it goes with everything. Enjoy your bag whichevery one you decide on.

    kind regards,
  9. So Fancy! You'll have to model this . . .
  10. This is a *perfect* bag. I have the same color/style as gettinpurseonal and I ran errands all day long with it, in and out of the car (and rain!) many, many times. It always sat snugly on my shoulder and the shortish (but not short) strap makes it feel very secure.

    It manages to both slouch when put down and stand up too so when I was looking for toll money it wasn't flopping all over. Love the color and the feel of the leather. The zipper is smooth, making it easy to get into.

    Anyone on the fence; I would be happy to enable:tup:. You will :yes:love this style! I got lots of compliments on it too.
  11. That's so good to hear! I'm going to pick it up at the PCE and put my things in it to see how it feels. The SAs were so nice--my boys were picking up purses and helping to re-arrange a display, and they kept them company while I made a decision.

    Your input really helps!:yes:
  12. So the turquoise Ergo Hobo is lovely but she's talking about the Vintage leather one right? It is as light as the rest of the Ergos? I'm thinking of getting one too but I'm not sure yet...
  13. Candy,

    I picked up this bag for PCE yesterday, and I LOVE IT! I'm going to post pics soon...It is a bag that hold SOOO much but doesn't look like a huge bag, and things don't seem to get lost in the bottom b/c it is designed to be a more horizontal bag (make sense?). The leather is just amazing and it has a deep brown interior that is really pretty. :P

    This is a bag I've walked past a few times in the past, and once I got it home, I realized that this is the bag I've been looking for! I wish it had the legacy lining but if it comes out in another color, I may have to get that one, too!:graucho:
  14. Ohhh I'm intrigued!! I would totally not think twice about getting it if I had PCE but alas I don't think I'm getting a card. =( I might have to o with the regular hobo. ;_;
  15. TejasMama-
    I am not tall - I'm 5'3""