If you have the Saint Topez...

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  1. in any color, please let me know how you like it. :P

    Pics, of course, is always appreciated. What can you fit in there? It looks so structured and sleek but it seems a bit "thin" to fit anything substantial.

    Here's the Eluxury link if you don't know which bag I'm talking about. :smile:
  2. There's a pic of someone wearing a moka one in the visual aids thread! It looks really cute!!!!
  3. Thanks! let me take a peek!
  4. I have a red St. Tropez. It's not very practical. It looks gorgeous and all but it doesn't fit anything. I can only put a wallet, fone, keys. It hurts the shoudlers if you carry the purse too long cuz the strings are too thin.
    I hope this helps.
  5. My thoughts exactly! Mine is black and my friends call it my binder bag (apparently looks like a binder..haha!) My bf said I had to have it, so he got it for me, it has rarely seen the light of day, but I am glad I have it. Its my favorite from the epi line, my only regret is I didn't get it in Mandarin!

  6. That's it!? For that size I thought it might fit a bit more. I guess my suspicion was correct: it's too "thin" for anything. :Push:
  7. You can fit more than the epi pochette...you just have to stack it so it doesn't compromise the shape of the bag..also you don't want it to be too heavy b/c of the thin straps. As for comfort on the shoulders I find it just fine.
  8. I don´t really like it.
  9. i have one in pepper.. it was belong to my mom.. and i took it. hehe
    i love it.. but not really can put a lot of stuff in..
    and yesterday i saw a lady carrying the st. tropez in black.. we have the same bag heheheh and both of us having pedicure:supacool:
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