If you have the Mono Wilshire MM....

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  1. are you happy with it? Is it comfortable to carry for a daily bag?

    I could not find any clubhouse for the new mono version...would love to hear how people are liking it and any modeling pics.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. i tried it in store and it's very comfortable, no breaking in required i feel unlike my mono noe
  3. I bought the Wilshire MM a few weeks ago and returned it. IMO the straps were too short and to get in and out of the bag you have to drop it to your elbow. I didnt like that since I have a 7 month old in my arms most of the time. Plus, the bag was small in my opinion (Im 5'6).

    If you are petite framed and shorter ...this would be a great bag. I have a NF MM and it seemed to fit better and seem bigger although the measurements are smaller than the Wilshire MM. Maybe since the Wilshire is a structured bag it doesnt give as much as the NF so it feels smaller. Now, let me tell you this...the interior choc lining is beautiful!! I loved that about the bag....

    so the end result is I have ordered the GM and am waiting for it to arrive. I like the bag, its nice and the straps are comfortable/flat...I just needed the bigger bag with longer straps. Once it does arrive I will post pics since I cant seem to find any on the forum. I hope this helps!
  4. I have the vernis and adore it......
  5. ^ Any updates on your Wilshire Vernis? Which size do you have? Is it good enough as a handheld/ tote bag? I'm interested in getting one myself. Thanks.
  6. I also have the Wilshire MM in vernis and I love it! I think that it is too small to use as a major tote bag or baby bag, but it is the perfect size for a handbag.
  7. I also have it....in mono....great bag...dh bought it for me for my bday...that same day bag was launched...great everyday bag. Beautiful interior with pockets!!!

    I wanted the neverfold at first but the wilshire has more of a crisp struture which i love

    will update load the pic soon
  8. I won't go for the monogram Wilshire... just not striking like the Vernis.
    Then again, I won't get a Vernis because I think it is too high maintenance for everyday use. So guess, I won't be owning a Wilshire.
  9. Mono Wilshire MM is my first LV bag, and I never regretted it since I bought her... She is just a gorgeous bag...
  10. i think the wilshire MM in monogram is gorgeous.