If you have space left - shelf with purses $6.79

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  1. aw that is cute :smile:
  2. awww!! that is so cute!
  3. too cute, i wanna get it! i've shopped from them before..excellent customer service too!
  4. that's adorable!
  5. Quirky and cute!:p
  6. so cute.
  7. how cute! thanks for posting!
  8. Aww I really like that!
  9. im going to order that! great gift to give.
  10. that's sooo cute!! :yes:

    i clicked on the link and it brought me to BRA BABY :s
  11. I Think that is so cute!
  12. So cute!
  13. LOL! You probably clicked on juicy jouture jen's link. Hers was for the Bra Baby. The OP's original link was this one:


    I think it's adorable BTW. I just might order it!