If you have some clevage how they heck do you wear the scarf as a top??

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  1. I have gotten 2 beautiful new scarves (90) and I tried them as a top. They are gorgeous, but I wear a "C" cup and need to wear a bra...how do I do this? Those little pasty things do not work for me. I love the look of the scarves as a top for summer..any suggestions?

    I could wear them with a strapless bra, but then I would need to wear a sweater or something over for the back as the bra would show?

    Any suggestions would be fabulous...TIA:heart:
  2. I wear them over a plain boob tube/vest/tank/tee and sometimes under a little cardie.
  3. ^^ Ding Ding Ding ...The lightbulb has just went off! :idea:..Thank you Loony!!! I have a couple of those. That would work splendidly! I was wondering how I was going to pull it off...:woohoo:
  4. Or.....dare to go bare......sort of..... I have heard this works, but give it a look see before taking the plunge ;)... and still, maybe walk s l o w l y. Google:
    Victoria's Secret adhesive underwire plunge bra support cups to size D backless, used with adhesive 10 uses for 36$

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  5. Thanks EH! I am going to check those out too! :flowers:
  6. You are welcome!!!! PS love the avatar!!!
  7. OOOH THANK YOU! you just reminded me that i think i can now wear a scarf as a top! yipee!! gonna try it on tonight!

    eta: um wait, just tried and no i can't :sad:
  8. Ghost....Baby ghost is adorable! How old??:love:
  9. Finn...Crackin' my ass up! :roflmfao:

    EH~ Thank you =)

    Bijouxlady~ Hey girl, he is 6 months old. He was born 3 weeks premature. He is a strapping 20 lbs..we make em' big in this family:lol: Thank you~:shame:
  10. No problem, I'd love to hear how you get on.

    I was looking to see if I had any clearer photos but this is the only one that I have at the moment. I wore the scarf over a tee which you can't really see under the cardigan. I'm a DD-E depending on the brand of the bra :s

  11. Ok~ You look absolutely HOT!!!! I have the grand Fonds in blue..I am SO wearing this this summer!!!

    The colors of the scarves cannot be compared to any other designer I have ever seen. That are just simply spectacular. Maybe tomorrow I will try it with my Cheval Mon Carre. and my new Widow...Hm....sounds like a plan. I will post pics after I get home. I hope I have a black sweater I can wear over...
  12. :huh:oh.. thats cute lOony!!

    Ghost... your avatar.. of baby ghost is so:huh:o CUTE!!
  13. Thank you :shame:

    Can't go wrong with Grands Fonds, you can tie that one a million different ways and it'll still look fantastic! I imagine that Cheval Sur Mon will make for a great and slightly more understated look too though.
  14. I'm with Loony I just wear a cardigan to cover the back :yes:
  15. do you guys have instuctions on how to tie it? i couldn't tie it at my back...