If you have seen Mancrazy, please respond!

  1. If you have seen Mancrazy in person, please advise if the python leather is with or without scales.

    My SA called me down to view the Mancrazy that is ready for retail on 18th. And I was really disappointed that it isn't the same as the Mancrazy that I have seen in Jan.

    The 1st piece of Mancrazy that I saw had python skin handles with scales, but the one I saw in store for retail today is without scales. It may sound pretty silly to you but the precise reason why I was head over heels with Mancrazy was the scaly leather handles and piping. I know it isn't that practical to carry a scaly bag and I admit I do have a strange appetite for bags but I somewhat feel rather cheated.

    I was advised that the piece I saw in Jan was a viewing piece and the retail version may differ slightly. Is that true?

    Please respond if you have seen a Mancrazy in person!!!
  2. the one you saw may have been the runway bag so they make a couple it looks great etc but when they try to produce on a larger scale somethings just don't work.
    maybe the were concerned over quality or even perhaps difficult to locate materials
    I haven't seen it so i'm afraid I don't know but my store said some jokes have arrived but didn't say which
  3. I have not seen the bag, however, I have owned Python bags and it is not always the best idea to have the scales on a handle where natural oils and constant use will cause them to lift. Once snake scales lift there isn't anything you can do to have them lay smooth again. I am wondering if the bags they are selling in the store have been treated in some way to preserve the scales? My python pieces that retained their beauty were always the pieces that had a handle made of another material.
  4. I didn't think the joke bags would be a hit cause of the jokes. Personally, I wasn't very keen until I saw the "scaly" piece... The python scaled handles were gorgeous, so much so that you don't even notice the jokes...

    Now that the scales are no longer there, I am not sure anymore.
  5. The ones on retail have no scales, just skin.

    The tag writes Karung leather- which I supposed is snake?
  6. Karung is a water snake and his scales are not as visible as python ones KWIM??
  7. Really? But there is no scale at all.

    Anyone else had seen Mancrazy?????
  8. Yes I have! I went to LV cocktail party last night and they have two Mancrazy and one Graduate. The store kept the Graduate for me since last week. I tried on the Mancrazy, but it's a little too boxy for me. I love the color though. The handles are the same as the Graduate, very smooth and not scaly, but you can still feel the texture of the exotic skin though. Definitely not like python scale, but it's very nice and very practical. You don't have to worry so much that it will flake off. I like it a lot.

    A woman bought Mancrazy that night, and I decided to keep the Graduate. You can check my new thread on the Graduate and see if you like the skin on the handles.

    Hope this helps.
  9. So, it is not going to have scales? I actually like the scales piece that they have for display but they can't sell it that since it is only a prototype. Oh well... I am kinda disappointed.

    Oh yes! I saw your graduate! Very pretty and holds the shape better than Mancrazy too! You looked so good with it!
  10. Thanks Chinchin_Lim! I think you should get the joke bag. Mancrazy is a cool bag, I like it. But I just feel like I can get more use from the Graduate, though. Or maybe you should get the Graduate, instead. Yeah...:tup:
  11. LOL... I love the joke bags and especially so after seeing your pics!

    I have only secured the allocation for Mancrazy and I think it is too late to make a swap. The bags are in store but my SA can only sell it officially on the 18th. You are so lucky to get it before that date!
  12. Just saw it today at the boutique and no scales on the handle. It looks great though!
  13. They used watersnake b/c it's not as fragile as python -- it won't dry out and the scales won't flake off. This is a handheld bag. The sweat from your hands would destroy python, no matter how careful you were.

    I adore the one I just picked up. Think carefully b/c I don't think you'll get another chance if you turn this bag down.
  14. Hi restricter,

    I saw your pics on your Mancrazy and another joke bag-Graduate from Tookata... They are both stunning! Scales or no scales, I am definitely going to own a joke bag!!!

    Just contacted my SA and it is 11:44pm at night. She probably thought I was crazy..
  15. Please post pics as soon as you get it. Can't wait to see your Joke bag! :smile: