If you have lots of purses and you don't feel guilty, post here. :)

  1. Oh, there's some shopper's guilt in these threads, sometimes it makes me sad. While I certainly appreciate that this forum can be an aid in boosting self-control I'd like this thread to act as a balancing force.

    I love purses and I have lots of them. I have bags that look similar. Many black bags. They are all of my babies and have come from fun experiences getting deals at the department store, the outlets, winning auctions on eBay, there's a shopping story attached to each. I'm not selling my bags, giving them away, giving myself a limit. This is my hobby and I adore it.

    I will, however, try not to spend too much bill money at my next outlet trip or buy anymore fake Coach keychains from eBay (it happens).
  2. I'll second that!

    For the most part, I don't feel guilty about my purse collection. Ironically, iggystar, I am a black bag collector, as well! I admit that there have been times when I've purchased a lot, like say 4-5 bags at full retail in one month, and I've felt bad for over indulging myself but I don't think it was "guilt" that I was feeling.

    Like I said in another thread, my husband and I both work; we have no children; and we also live in a modest home -- all of that is by choice. I like to have nice things and seeing that I work a full-time job, I am not going to feel guilty for what I buy. I work with a lot of people who give me flack for my wardrobe (clothing, purses, shoes, etc.) but those people can't afford to live my lifestyle because they all chose something different. Most of them have several children that they send to private schools and have huge homes (leaving some of them house poor). That's fine for them and my lifestyle is fine for me. I will not criticize them for their choices so they better not criticize me for mine.

    Do I know when it's time to cut back? Yep, and I do. But it's not because I feel guilty. It's usually because logic steps up to the plate and tells me that I have enough for now! :yes:
  3. For the most part I don't feel guilty about my collection.
    My husband and I both work for a living.
    My husband and I live in a modest home in NYC and have two children. They both attend public school as the schools are very good in my area as it is a school zone. We live a comfortable life.

    I indulge myself every now and then in a new handbag.
    It's my thing, bags and shoes. I don't feel guilty as I earn my own money and don't tell my husband what to do with his money. This was my first PCE so I went a little overboard. I do like to save every month and pride myself on not being the typical American drowning in debt. I like to earn interest, not pay it out to a Credit Card Company. I did sell seven Coach Bags which I was not using to fund the ones which I purchased so I do not feel guilty at all. It did not make any sense to keep them as I bought them on impulsive whims. I love my present Coach Handbag Collection and will probably add another bag in the Fall 2007 if I like something from the Legacy Line. I won't be buying any bags until the fall as I just want to enjoy the five new handbags I have purchased in the past three months. They are really beautiful. If I don't see anything I like in the future from Coach, I will just make do with what I have until something that I like comes along. I am a very picky handbag buyer as I did not buy a Coach Bag or any other bag for that matter from 2002 to the Jan. 2007 when I purchased my Ali Whiskey bag. As I said I am extremely picky when it comes to my bags. Hopefully Coach won't have me going through withdrawal for another four years again.
  4. I work hard for my money and buying coach makes me happy.... I'm not going to feel guilty about that!!!!
  5. I don't feel guilty, but I am also practical about it. If I buy a new bag and don't carry it for a couple weeks, it goes back. I know that if I dont carry it right away, I don't really love it. I also sell old ones on eBay to get new ones. My husband and I both work and make good money, we're not in debt, so I let myself buy nice clothes and purses occasionally. I also am a big bargain hunter, and find great deals on coach on ebay or at the outlets (my new legacy shoulder that I won Friday for $199), getting those deals makes me almost as happy as the stuff itself.
  6. if i buy in moderation then i dont feel guilty, plus my full time job is going to work and then i acutally do work on campus for extra cash so in essence i work very hard and these bags reward me for all of my hard work.

    granted since i have joined tPF my collection has nearly trippled and it went from being just coach to adding LV, but hey thats life.
  7. I agree with batgirl. If I buy in moderation then I don't feel bad. If I go overboard I do so right now I am learning to maintain a healthy balance. I don't know if I've actually felt guilt so much as regret for buying bags impulsively then finding that I don't like them very much or buying bags to comfort myself. I don't feel guilty about my collection now though. I love what I have and I'm enjoying using them!
  8. I absokutely agree with all the postings, from you girls! As long as I have to get up to work, I am going to use my hard worked money the way I want to. I recently started on my Coach quest and I am also fond of the YSL Muse (for that I will be a year) but I also sell stuff that I don't need or use and luckily, because they are nice stuff, I get my money worth. I just sold a bag on on ebay and guess what? I will invest the money in something that I really want.
    It is also fun to bargain, find great deals and so on...
    This thread is great, because we love to enjoy everybody's findings and buys (Zero envy).:greengrin:
  9. I'm a 22 year old student, and I'm self employed! I don't have any children so I enjoy being able to spoil myself. I keep bill money separate from shopping money. I started my collection officially in April of 06 and I have yet to use a credit card to purchase any bags I only pay cash...so that definitely puts me at ease! :smile: I'm very happy with my collection, and I want it to grow, so there's no room for guilt :smile:
  10. I don't feel guilty. I'm a college student so can't buy new bags all the time, but I work 30+ hours a week while going to school full time, and I'm not married and don't have kids, so I don't see any reason not to spend my $ how I want to.

  11. Hi Beth...I noticed you're in Florida..what area?!
  12. I'm not feeling too guilty either.

    I'm also off to Stanford today with my Mom. There is a Neimans, Bloomies, Nordies's, Macy's, Coach and LV there!
  13. I only feel guilty if I buy something impulsively, that I end up never using. And its not true guilt because I make it right by finding a new home for it.
    At this time, I think its a good time to enjoy my current collection for awhile before adding anything else.
  14. i don't feel guilty until i buy things i know i won't ever use. i'm not a clutch person, yet i bought a ton of them this year. i don't use wristlets either- but i got a collection of them going. as for bags? no total guilt there- i get my use out of them.

    i'm a college student who isn't working- so sometimes i feel guilty. but sometimes a girl needs a boost because school is a pita.
  15. Mokoni, I can relate to annoying coworkers who comment when they see me with a new bag. First off, its none of their business. Secondly they spend money on stuff like going out to eat daily....and other things that I don't necessarily agree with but its none of my business and I would never say anything to them about it. I'd like the same respect.
    (sorry just had to get that out)