IF you Have It, I"LL BUY IT!!!!

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  1. HELLO THERE!!!!

    here is a picture of the pin

    regardless of price!

    No soliciting sales on the forum.
  2. Um, I'm not sure you can do this...
  3. well y not....

    Because those are the forum rules.

    someone off ebay is selling her green "some like it juicy" button.. i just need the pink one because i lost mine...... a juicy bag without the "some like it juicy" button just not juicy anymore....
  4. Because this activity is basically like the marketplace (want to buy/want to sell), and the marketplace was closed completely?
  5. Because this board is for discussing things-not trying to buy or sell-that is why you can't do this here
  6. well i'm completely new to this purse forum thingy and i saw a forum called handbags & pruses and thats why i posted here... didnt know about all these rules and i'm just trying to find the quickest way to buy a replacement for my bag..... and please do not say call juicy or contact the place i bought it from.. because i already tried and none of them responded my phone calls and emails.. thought i can get some help here.... since everyone here seems to know alot and love handbags... but apparently this is not the forum to ask for HELP.......... so watever....
  7. Transactions of any kind are not allowed on this forum.

    You should really read the rules/TOS of any forum you join before starting to post.

    Also...you started another thread on this a week ago and were given good advice at that time.
  8. Please read the forum rules: No buying or selling on the forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.