If you have had Lasik....

  1. ...please tell me how it turned out.

    How long ago did you do it?
    Have you been happy with it?
    Did you have an issues or problems?

    I want to do it in 2009 when I can put the money aside next year in my flexible spending account but I want to do research to find the best doctor.
  2. I had Lasik about 5 years ago...probably one the best things I have EVER done. Contacts were killing me, drying out immed after I put them in. The night after the procedure was not so comfortable (tearing, burning eyes) but would do it again in a heartbeat. I got mine done at a TLC center in California- don't know if they are nationwide.
  3. I would LOVE to have this done. I've heard though, that it only lasts about 10 years, is that true?
  4. I think it wears out on some people because they get it done too early and their eyes change prescription again (the minimum age I've heard you should get it done is 25?).
    I've also heard of centers that will do any maintenance surgery you need for free, for the rest of your life. I think these places are more expensive than other ones though.
  5. I was at a conference a few weeks ago and like EVERYONE had had Lasik.....I'm contemplating it, my vision isn't horrible, I make get it down in 09, I knew I wouldn't get it done in 08 so I didn't take out enough in the flexspend. I want to investigate it a bit more.
  6. Some days I wish I didn't have it done. I have severe dry eyes now; and they over-compensate in the mornings and over-tear. I can't wear any type of eye make-up since my eyes are so runny. Then around mid-morning they completely dry out and the eyelids scratch my eyes constantly. I know a lot of people who are happy they had it done. You just have to outweigh what matters most to you-cons/pros of course. Later on, your vision does change, the older you get. I jumped into it too fast, and wish I had thought more seriously about this procedure. If I can find the info I used when researching, I'll send it to you. Good luck!
  7. My mom got it done earlier this year and is very pleased with it. My uncle was one of the "test dummies" for this procedure 17 years ago and is partially blind from it so everyone in my family was basically forbidden to do it, put my mom is a rebel. I'm still scared but I have seen both sides
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  9. Ah, guess I shouldn't get it done then any time soon (I'm 19)! But I have the same problem one of the other posters mentioned, my contacts dry out my eyes, and are starting to get uncomfortable to wear. I've had them for like 9 years or so though. My vision is terrible.
  10. Hey girl,

    Can you PM me the details about where you had yours done. I probably won't go there (I'm not sure maybe its not even the surgeon but maybe everyone's eyes are different?) but its still very scary.. no more eye make-up?!:crybaby:You poor thing!
  12. Had done 4 years ago by the same guy who did Tiger Woods. Have never regretted it. I think going to a reputable person is the key - figured that if Tiger has all the money he does and he picked my guy, the guy must be dang good...and he was! My husband also had it done and has never had a problem (same guy).
  13. I did it in may of 2006, by far its the best thing I even did. I don't have any problems except for maybe a little bit of dry eyes when I wake up in the morning, not all the time. Its a great trade off for not wearing glasses or contacts anymore!!

    I absolutely love it and highly recommend it to anyone who wears glasses.

    Good luck.
  14. I am so glad to find this question! I am also considering it (am now 26 .. .turning 27 this year in Aug). And I have had about the same perscription for 3 years now. When you mention the dry eyes after the procedure -- do a few drops of eye drops fix it right up? To be honest I experience this with contact now. Would love to be able to see when I wake up :smile:
  15. I really want to do it but I'll have to wait until my eyes settle. I tend to get worse about 0.5 every 2 years. My boyfriend just had his Lasik done at TLC (the same center that did Tiger Woods and Tiger's mother). I don't know much about it but they use a little bit different technology than other centers. They take care of the follow up visits and if your vision shifts they will adjust your eyes for free. However, this all comes for a price... a much pricier price than your average vision center. Be prepared to drop about $4k-6k for the best treatment.