If You Have Had It With E Bay Why Not Try....

  1. are you selling on this website?
  2. I rec'd the same email. I am not impressed with the graphics of the site.
  3. maybe. i have got to take a good look at it.
  4. I've listed on the Poupetteluxe auction site (before the name change) with not much success. Not a wide enough "audience".
  5. That is the problem. Not the graphics, look, or feel, but the lack of traffic. And that is why eBay continues on. Someone who should know told us the other day that at any given time, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, there are AT LEAST 6 MILLION people looking at something on eBay. eBay pays a fortune for that traffic (plus having been around now for a long time surely helps.) We are as upset about eBay as anyone, but until someone can provide any where near eBay's traffic it cannot be ignored. (Whatever happened to Google's auction site, by the way? Wasn't that supposed to start several months ago?)